Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm Leeeeeaaaaa-ving, On a Jet Plane...!

So tomorrow, dear friends, I get on a plane for Deutschland.

I have no idea what kind of access I will have to e-mail, or Blogger, while I'm there. I am hoping to update at least once or twice, but I really have no idea what kind of cybercaf├ęs I will have the chance to stumble upon. But there are definite adventures ahead, I'm sure, so please stay tuned!

At the very least, I will be back on Oct. 10, and will update just as soon as I get back to my cozy little home, darling little hell minions, and a yummy Funasaurus.

In the meantime, wish me luck packing (I had a dream last night that I forgot to pack my razor and it was DEVASTATING. In Princess Dream World, apparently, razors are very unattainable anywhere in Germany. And showing up at a convention center with hairy pits was a big no-no, punishable by humiliation and forbidding entrance to man my little booth. Yikes.) and prepping for castle sight-seeing. And standing-all-day-in-only-kinda-comfy-shoes at a huge-ass convention center.

My pharyngitis has also, fabulously, turned into a raging head cold, so I expect to look like Rudolph in all of my pictures. Sweet. Here's to cover-up, and perhaps also Photoshop, should the situation become dire. (And it's TOTALLY due to snot in my head, not a third stein of room-temperature beer. Shut up.)

Habenzie ein gut week, y'all! Drink some pinot noir for me, and send lots of prepared-packing-vibes my way!

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meno said...

Have fun! Be careful. Don't get knocked up, that would be the wurst.