Monday, September 11, 2006

How to Royally Kick Back

I had the most delicious day yesterday, having nothing I HAD to do, at all.

It has been a ridiculously long time since I last had one of those days.

I actually got up at a decent time, because The Funasaurus went to play volleyball in a tournament, and couldn't find the sunscreen. Naturally, I knew exactly where it was, and thus continued to seal in my value and net worth into our relationship.

Being up at a decent hour, I decided to try yoga again, hoping the mean substitute instructor from last time had found other people to torture. I mean, teach.

I was dressed with my hair pulled back five minutes later, when The Funasaurus' friends showed up to carpool to the tournament. E took one look at my hair and snickered, and I had to smile sadly at his obvious lack of style. I mean, celebrities TRY to make their hair look as disheveled as mine for red carpet events. Nice try, Uma. A little less mousse and a little more volume off to the right side (while slicking the left side back) and you'd look almost exactly like I did.

So I went to yoga, and The Nicest Girl was leading the class! I almost never get The Nicest Girl. She's blonde and sweet with this angelic voice and has some amazing tattoos. Plus, she never makes you hold the pose *quite* the full minute. Which is an eternity, in yoga-speak.

I think I might have a little crush on her.

And class went well. I tried extra hard, since I want The Nice Girl to like me, and I walked out feeling very peaceful.

So peaceful, in fact, that I came right home and took a two hour nap, waking up about halfway through to go eat half a box of Wheat Thins and then immediately go back to sleep.

That. Was. Awesome.

Every day should include a two hour nap and a box of Wheat Thins. That may be my NEWEST decree.

So after the nap I caught up on a little e-mail, read my favorite magazine ever, (any magazine that has a direct reference to a Kermit quote in its tagline is in the running for BEST THING EVER) which finally just came, and THANK GOD, already, because it only comes every other month or so and I hate waiting that long. I am not really all that patient, as it turns out.

I eventually showered and checked the mail (I do realize it was Sunday, but we're not the type to check our mail every day. More like, weekly. On the good weeks. I'm still waiting for The Funasaurus to hire a butler, already, and then I can just get the damn butler to do it.) and happily, I got a package from Amazon, and while I FULLY CONDONE LOCAL BOOKSTORES MORE THAN ANYTHING, I am also lazy. And also broke. And so I occasionally buy from Amazon, as well. And *yay* for a new, hardbound edition of a Bestseller Book! That feels so indulgent. I have so much new reading material!

Could the day get any better? Why, yes, yes it could.

The Funasaurus came home early *joy!* and as I went into cleaning mode, he CLEANED THE TOILETS because he knows that is the one chore I despise more than anything. Princesses don't DO toilets. We may push that one on the butler, too, come to think of it.

In any case the house is cleaner than it was, including the toilets, and I didn't even have to touch them! Ahhhh.

So we treated ourselves to some fried chicken for dinner, and swapped backrubs, and life is so, so good I can't even tell you. I hope everyone out there has a day like that, from time to time, because it really does make the world that much better.

Happy Monday!

Princess Sunshine

***Now accepting butler applications***
Job description: mainly mail retrieval and toilet cleaning. And other stuff, when I think of it.

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meno said...

Both my husband and my child have the DFG (defective finding gene) so i am necessary to both of them.

But if they cleaned the toilets, i wouldn't care.