Thursday, September 14, 2006

Um. Still Feeling Down. Any Love, at All Out There?

Wondering: why did I go from a steady stream of a couple comments for each post to a week full of nada?

Possible answer #1: Writing has sucked, recently. And people can't say something nice so they don't say anything at all. Yo mamma trained you well.

Possible answer #2: Comments section is broken. That would be awful. I am a sucker for validation. This week has been Not Really Validating at All, Blogger.

Possible answer #2: There ARE comments, but my computer won't let me see them because Herr MWOTH found this blog and rigged my computer to not show me them, just to fuck with my mind a little. Unlikely... but if you knew him, you'd know it'd still be within the realm of possibility.


Echo ...echo ...echo


Chico said...

This will be my second comment of the week. The other one disappeared into the ether.

meno said...

Number two. i have made a few comments that have never appeared, we'll see if this one does. It's the comment moderation thing.

Marcia said...

Hi Cute Princess! I'm commenting. Did it work?

I haven't commented lately b/c I've been le busy, and mostly, le lazy. I'm going to try to be better. I LE PROMISE.

(Isn't everything better with Le's in front? Also beer. How evident is the beer consumption? I'm guessing quite.)

perfectmoderation said...

It's bloglines. You can't comment from your feed section.

librarian pirate said...

I just discovered the wonder that is your blog, so I haven't been commenting yet. Not to worry, it'll come!

Procrastinatrix said...

HI! feel the love?

Fatema Fazal said...

Completely understand the frustration you feel and validation you require as per the lack of comments. I love the name.. princess of Galoshes. Will make a note to check your blog more often to comment to ease your anxiety.