Thursday, September 14, 2006

And If Thou Wilt, Forget

Do you ever have days that are just a little darker than others? Today's one of those days for me.

I never really went through a Goth phase, entirely. Though there was a point in high school where I wore a lot of black, and loved The Crow. But I never got into the dark mascara, or whiney music. And, of course, this followed my grunge phase where I collected men's flannel shirts, learned to ride a skateboard, and wore different color high top Chuck Taylors for three years. "Dressing up" in those days meant adding a baby doll dress to said converse. But I never even bought Doc Martens. I was just a poser grunge chick.

So I never even committed to a rebellious phase in my youth. Uhg. That's even sadder.

Today's a day where I kinda wish it was raining outside. Where I want to just crawl under a blanket and drink tea. And read something serious. And just wallow in the blues to get them the fuck over with, already. (However, I currently sitting in a cubicle in a pink shirt drinking lukewarm hot chocolate, looking at sunny blue skies. Here comes the goddamn sun.)

Today's a day where I would really love THIS image in a really darkly romantic way, if only it wasn't a highly paid pop actress in a blockbuster summer movie.

It just gets more and more depressing, doesn't it?

Last night I turned over to hug The Funasaurus, who is really good at cuddling, even when he's mostly asleep, which is reason # 69,452 that I'm going to marry him. Unfortunately, he was stretched out on his back with his hands under his head, and my right eye socket collided just perfectly with his elbow and it stung like a mother. The Funasaurus felt bad, and I felt bad that he felt bad, because it really wasn't his fault. But it just kind of fit the general grumpy mood I was tumbling into. And it was then followed by some seriously messed up dreams.

I don't have any good death-related poetry to share, right now. I feel that would be a) waaaay too predictable and b) not really be a good transition.

Eh, fuck that. Here's my favorite, anyway.

And on that supremely wannabe-gothic note,

Princess G signing off to go pour her extreme lack of cheer and goodwill on other, unsuspecting folk.

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