Friday, September 15, 2006


This weekend we are headed to the mountains with some good friends of ours who have a cabin. There will be much drinking, hiking, and hot-springing involved.

Well. At least, drinking and hiking for me. I think I will not be partaking of the hot springs this time, as nice as they feel.

We went to the same place earlier in the summer, and had a great time. Right up until my little nudie show. I brought my old (only) swimsuit, which, in its day, was a cute bikini with blue and white checks. It's now two lumps of of kinda faded-bluish cloth. But I still wear it, because who really likes swimsuit shopping, anymore?

And it was fine. Right up until I got it wet. At which point, there were nothing left to the imagination. That sucker hid nothing. Hello, every inch of my should-probably-be-covered-somehow, body. Now, I was just fine while we were submerged in the water, out in the dark. I was NOT so fine as I had to traipse through the brightly-lit lobby full of unsuspecting tourists to get to the changing room and my freakin' towel.

Normally, nudity doesn't bother me. I am all about skinny dipping and naked spas. But this place was more of a "family joint" and these folks were definitely not expecting to see my wobbly bits.

Got a little something extra for their $10, though.

So I will probably stay at home with my yummy new book this time, while the rest of the crew heads to the hot springs. And I will probably also get an early start on our Oktoberfest Festivities. On the menu are:

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
Paulaner Oktoberfest
Paulaner Original Munich
Paulaner Pilsner
St. Polly Girl
St. Polly Girl Oktoberfest (dark)
Spaten Oktoberfest

This is purely for the "sampling." There will be plenty of other-kinds-of-alcohol to be had for the actual drinking. (Which will undoubtedly involve Guinness and hard cider, along with vino and maybe something potent enough to shoot.) Our group takes our drinking seriously. The menu (see above list of beer) was created two weeks ago. The extensive list of rules for the drinking game was mailed out at the beginning of the week, with a warning that there will be punishment of some (my guess is alcohol-related) kind for those who are unable to abide by the rules and slow the game down in any way.

I have been studying all week.

Bring it on.

Happy Oktoberfest, everyone!

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