Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lots of Things That Have Nothing to Do with Each Other

It snowed last night. (in the mountains and foothills. We got rain in the nice, warm, pollution-insulated city.)

It is only September.

Global warming: fact or fiction?

In totally and utterly unrelated news: my cousins are in town visiting. They took a road trip up to Wyoming, and bought some random chili spice from this random Wyoming town (population 200 [if the kids are back from school]) which apparently prides itself on its chili seasonings. Tasted like regular ol' chili to me, when we made it last night. But it was fun to think about some old grizzled mountain man grinding chile peppers and adding just the right amount of paprika to it, to create the dust inside the bottle we used to season our beans and ground meat.

I can just see him, with his cowboy hat and spittoon, pinching the spices with his leathery fingers....

I hope he washed his hands, first....

I suddenly feel less hungry for the leftovers I brought in for lunch, today.

Maybe I'll get some M&Ms from the machine to tide me over. Just in case I don't happen to eat the (what I now imagine to be) dirty, germ-laden the chili.

Like I said, (well, I didn't say it, actually, but it was implied with the "snow" comment at the beginning) it is a cold, dreary, gray day. (Did you not get that from "It snowed last night."? You should have. Pay attention! Welcome to my world. I'm the princess here. ... But I digress.) It's a good day for feeling like THIS, but I don't. I'm pretty chipper, today. I have no plans this evening, besides going to bed early. I'm really looking forward to that. And there was GOOD coffee in the coffee pot this morning. *sigh* It's the little things.

And I'm happy because I came in to work late this morning because I was busy at home buying some artwork from THIS amazing artist before getting in my car to make the commute down the (much-more-reasonable-today) I-70. I almost didn't share that link, because I feel like she's too juicy a secret, and I wanted to keep her to myself, mineminemine, but I am feeling somewhat benevolent, and also like she deserves credit... and fame and glory and my money (although she's insanely reasonable in her pricing; she could get SO much more for her prints, in my humble opinion, but it worked out really well for my budget that she was so affordable so, thanks, Ms. Catia!) and besides, I already ordered the prints I loved most, so I'm guaranteed to get them, so now I will share them with you, too. You're welcome.

Um. That's about it.

Chili and mountain men and cousins and coffee and art. (Oh my.) It IS a good day!

P.S. For you uber grammer dorks with too much time on your hands: I totally used "chile" and "chili" correctly, so I don't even want to hear about it. Webster's says either spelling is correct, but the preferred spelling in the West/Southwest is "chile" for the pepper, and "chili" for the beef and bean soup. Plbthbthbth


Mama P said...

I think instead of running away from the chili, you should eat gobbs and gobbs of it. Think of it like preschool for toddlers - it will heighten your immune system. A little urinated kidney bean? A stray curly cue? Fiber my friend.

Chico said...

So you used "chile" correctly; big deal! You misspelled "Plbthbthbth". :-D

Kristin said...

I am jealous of the snow as I am sooooo over the HEAT!

katie-q said...

Its been a long time since I've commented, and I'm sorry, please feel my love, I've just been so busy, I haven't kept up with all of my commenting duties.

P.S. Great artist, I think I'll have to order some prints from her as well, thanks for the link!

Josephine said...

God, I know. People correct my grammar on my blog, too. It drives me berzerk.

That sucks that it snowed, I mean, I guess. Maybe you're not like me and you actually like snow.

I know if I were there, I'd be pretty pissed about it, though!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Mama P: um, sick?

Chico: See you soon! Plbthbthbthbth

Kristin: I liked it for about .05 seconds. Then I was grumpy and cold.

Katie Q: What, you have a life, or something?

Josephine: Mostly the snow's up in the mountains. Where it's pretty. And also where it should stay!!!