Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Brain Has Exploded Just a Little

I'm pretty lame these days, which is whyfor the lack of writing. HEY INTERNETS, I WIPED UP MORE POOP TODAY! Woot woot.

Miss Thang is awesome, but we are still struggling with sleep. It comes and goes. Right now it's basically gone, and I am pretty sure that as of tonight, I've snapped. Hence the 3:00 AM posting. I haven't slept yet tonight, so after four hours of sporadically lying in bed (mixed in with getting up to get the baby [is she a baby still? She's practically two]) every 45 minutes or so) I decided to get the fuck up out of bed and troll the internet for new entertainment (FOUND) and maybe write a blog post. Here I am! Taking advantage of my sleep deprivation to check in with the ol' computer.

Boy, am I going to be a joy to be around tomorrow!

I wish I had exciting news for you, but I don't. Our recent weeks have involved a quick trip to Michigan, wherein we had a nice time and Miss Thang's tenuous sleep routine was smashed to hell. Then we came home and re-found a semblance of a routine and then Miss Thang got a cold and said routine got re-smashed to hell. Also, doctor visits with a kid whose long-term memory is developed just enough to remember shots. So...fun.

Um. I've tried to make a few pies with varying amounts of success this summer. Any attempts at Martha Stewart-ing were completely undone by the state of my kitchen after those forays into baking. Also it turned out that neither The Funasaurus nor Miss Thang like pie, so I ate a lot of pie myself. The lack of non-maternity pants that still fit indicate that perhaps my next foray should be salads. With no dressing or bacon bits.

That's about it for now. Off to have myself a little dance party with iTunes set on SUPER UBER LOW so that one toddler does not wake again, since sleep still eludes.

I am sorry I am not funnier. I will try again before another month goes by. Did you clink on the link up there? That will make up for all my lack of funny. Seriously. Here's another. CLICK!