Friday, September 22, 2006

Snow Falling on Princesses

My brother's coming in to town today! My brother's coming in to town today!

I am excited to see him again, it's been a while. And I only resent him a little, seeing as how he got all the looks and brains in the family. Whatever. My cats are cuter. (THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT. [Hi, Chico. Still love me? I was only kidding.] no I'm not.)

And me and my cute kitties? We're working from home, today. Exhibit A.

This is how every day should be.

And then we go collect my cute brother and cute sister-in-law from the airport around 2:00 and blow off work for the rest of the day.

Summit County got a foot of snow last night. A FOOT. For you un-Coloradans, that's up where the ski resorts are. No snow here, but it's only an hour away. (Also: straight up.) Maybe skiing will start early this year? We can only hope. And occasionally sacrifice livestock to the snow gods.

Watch your sheep. I'm ready to hit the slopes.


meno said...

Your cats are cute. but MINE ARE CUTER.

Marcia said...

Your cats are cute, but YOU are cuter.

BUT. I'm so glad that I have a friend that understand that even though I'm from Colorado, I didn't live in constant snow -- I grew up in the valley, and it snowed in the mountains. Just like you - snow in the mountains, not on your house.

librarian pirate said...

holy cuteness! I have to say that meno stole my comment. Your cats are freakin' adorable ... mine is even more so.