Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My First Tag. Would I Lie to You?

Oh! I got tagged! Yesterday. Hi. Slow reader, here. Tagged with something about guessing a lie.

I don't lie. (That's a lie.)


Or is it?

But in any case, I will make an exception to my (not a) rule here, and make a list of 5 things I've done in my life, one of which is a lie. You get to guess which one it is, and answer in the comments. If you have nothing better to do.

1) In high school, I convinced a foreign exchange student from Spain to kiss the drama teacher during a skit because I told her it was a sure way to get an "A"
2) I brewed beer in a bathtub in college
3) My wedding will include a floating couch and wolves
4) I've been kissed by Paul Simon
5) I snuck into Switzerland without a passport via tears, a ride in a cop car, and an overnight in a Swiss police station translating Pulp Fiction for the officers on duty and drinking a copious amount of whiskey.

And thanks to the lovely Lisa for the tag! I feel so popular. :-)

And now I tag Marcia and Meno and V and Katie Q.

Lie to me, baby.


Lisa Pulliam said...

I wish they were all true! I can't decide which I should choose as the lie...hmmm...I guess #2. I really hope #5 is true, lol

katie-q said...

I'm goign to guess that #3 is a lie... a floating couch, come on!!

Now I guess I've gotta make up some lies for you on my blog!

meno said...

I was all smiling along on this, until i read that you had tagged me! Well, let the lying begin.

I don't think you have kissed paul Simon, but i am totally buying the floating couch with the wolves.

jagular said...

I'm going to guess that number five is a total lie. Them swiss don't watch pulp fiction.

MommyHAM said...

I'm thinking the couch/wolves wedding is the lie - you've got some interesting ones to try and choose from!

Chico said...

There are only a couple that I'm not sure of, but I'm gonna go with #4. You have certainly had several, um... unusual experiences.

Murphy said...

I KNOW for a FACT that the wolves, couch and whiskey in Switzerland are TRUE.
I know you KNEW Paul Simon and I'm pretty sure even he couldn't resist kissing the Kitty Cat.
The foreign exvhange student thing....TOTALLY possible.
I don't KNOW that brewed beer in your bathtub in college but.....that's the one I'm calling BS on. IF it had been Hard lemonade? I would have bought it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag. This is a pretty neat meme. Yes I just used the word "neat". 'Cause that's how I roll.

Anyway, I think #1 is a lie. I'd believe it if it was a foreign student from Italy. But not from Spain. Yes, my logic is flawless.