Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Time to Catch Up on Blogging!

So, ah, it’s been a couple days… oopps. Ha ha. Sorry about that. It’s been quite a week in the kingdom. Thanksgiving actually went really well, The Funasaurus brined a turkey all by himself (I may, may have stayed a little longer at happy hour than I intended) and it was fabulous. The rest of the weekend was spent seeing GOOD penguin movies, hanging out with friends, and just being lazy in general.

Monday I got in to work, and that's when the proverbial shit started hitting the proverbial fan. I saw the Big Boss call Herr MWOTH into his office. I saw Herr MWOTH reappear, visibly shaken, pass through the warehouse to grab a box, and return to close the door to his office. Someone thought they saw him taking stuff down off the wall. He had been let go!!! I was feeling quite jubilant about the whole thing until I got called in to the Big Boss’ office. I was informed the board had to make some tough decisions because the numbers weren’t where they were supposed to be, and despite the fact that I was the person closest to making my annual goal on the entire sales team, my goals were also the lowest (well, new territory, no contacts, you have to start low, oh well) so my position was “expendable.” As were four other people’s. We were to leave, immediately.

So I reacted as maturely and ladylike as possible. I got shit-faced off of Jack Daniels with a fellow laid-off former-coworker at 11:00 a.m. I spent the next ELEVEN HOURS praying to various porcelain gods (coworker's house, my house after The Funasaurus came and poured my alcoholic ass into his nice car for a long [10 minutes is an eternity when there’s a hurricane in your esophagus] ride home) and finally managed to choke down some Pizza Hut that The Funasaurus had ordered around midnight.

Yesterday I was just a *little* hung over, and spent lots of time staring at walls. Mom came down and fed me soup. (When was the last time you had THIS soup, btw? When you were 6? Me too, but shame on us, because it’s as awesome now as it was then.) Over-consumption of alcohol is more like a badge of honor, where we are from, so it was quite all right to tell my parents about those adventures. (Sex is totally different. Despite the fact that I have been living in sin with The Funasaurus for years, I believe my mom still holds out a glimmer of hope that I’m saving myself until marriage. Uh, right.)

Now I begin perusing the help wanted ads. Do I go for the retail for the “awesome” overtime pay potential for the holiday season, or do I go for some office job? Publishing is hard to come by in Colorado, but I will keep looking. I will also let you all in on a little secret. I’ve been applying to school, again, so I really did have plans of leaving my job, eventually. I just anticipated it would be next fall, and not this winter. So I just get a head-start on finding something to fill the time (and wallet) until I’m back in school… hopefully.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and a less-eventful week than mine!


MommyHAM said...

Awww....that is a sucky Monday-back-from-holiday morning!

Did you get any kind of severance package?

(btw...your reaction sounds about like what I'd do - I'm such a sinner!)

Nancy Dancehall said...

Sorry to hear about that. And to be treated in such a demeaning way. I don't know what it is about Colorado employers. They have no tact or heart.

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful snow today.

Anonymous said...

If you care about the advice of someone who hasn't had a paying job in almost five years, here it is: if you can stand the holiday craziness, grab a retail job now and job search/make contacts in your off time for when the offices start hiring again after New Year.

My liver is convulsing just reading the words "Jack Daniels." Oh, you're making me feel OLD.

v said...

Darn. Sorry to hear about the lay off. But perhaps this will be a blessing in disguise. You'll kick back a bit and have some fun before you head back to school. Plus you don't have to deal with Herr MWOTH anymore. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. And I bet you'll find a nice job to keep you busy until next Fall in no time. Oh yeah, and in the mean time, more blogging. And skiing.

meno said...

I hope that there is some small satisfaction in Herr MWOTH getting canned too, but that really sucks.

I think getting drunk is a very mature and useful way to deal with it too.

Ryan Oakley said...

I make it a policy to never drink Jack Daniels before noon, unless I've been up all night. That might explain the barfing.

Mama P said...

Oh, no. I'm so sorry. If you send me your address I will send you a funny surprise in the mail. If it will help. Mama P.

Marcia said...

Seriously. At least now you have time to really concentrate on Christmas. And going to as many parties (hitting up the free vino) as possible.

katie-q said...

That sucks, I'm so sorry!
I was laid off about this time last year, and my reaction was pretty much the same, I got laid off at 10:00am and was completely drunk by 11, sometimes things like that just need to be done!

Hopefully you find something soon, but if not at least you don't have to drive in the snow!!