Monday, November 13, 2006

Picture Me Buying Cards

I had my pick-t-uure (as my ennunciation-conscious grandmother would say) taken this weekend, as did The Funasaurus. We got professional engagement pictures done, mostly for Christmas presents for our grandmothers. Also, to feed my extremely vain ego. Oh, to be gorgeous with flawless skin, via the wonders of Photoshop. Ahhhh.

After our "session" (HA!) we met up with some friends that we haven't seen in a while, down in Colorado Springs. They took us to an amazing new-ish place that has opened up down there, called Rico's Cafe. Wine bar + gourmet chocolate bar + card shop + live music = my kind of heaven. In fact, when I die, if I have been very very good, I will go to Rico's. (If I have been bad, I will be stuck on the dirty cement outside, looking in at other people eating chocolate, drinking wine, and buying cards, face-to-face with some musicians skinny butt, because the band performs in the front window, but faces the interior, which I really don't think creates the best curb appeal, but whatever. )

So I spent $30 on cute, original cards, and drank some divine hot chocolate with a hint of chile in it, and stole much of The Funasaurus' ridiculously fabulous milk chocolate milkshake while he wasn't looking. And then some more while he WAS looking.

The drive home was long, but The Funasaurus graciously offered to drive while I dozed on and off. Somewhere in there I woke up to make sure he was still doing o.k., then fell back asleep in about .24 seconds, then had a dream that the car door opened and I was sucked out and I woke up all, "AAUUGGHHHHH!"

Which, of course, prompted The Funasaurus to be all, "AAAAUUUUUGHHH!" too, because when you are driving late at night and are kind of in-the-zone, and you think your traveling partner is awake because they *just* asked you quietly how you were doing and then suddenly they start screaming like they are being poked with rusty nails by pink aliens, it startles you.

Fortunately, there were no aliens nor any open doors, and The Funasaurus is a very controlled frightened driver so he didn't swerve, but hoo boy he was quite alert for the rest of the drive home.

Sunday was a mellow day, though I did get to meet up with a good friend for dinner. The Funasaurus declined to join us, since we went to an Ethiopian restaurant and he is not a big fan of mushy food. (For that reason, he also dislikes applesauce, custard, soup, yogurt, and pie. PIE. Who doesn't like pie???) But whatever, because it meant more mushy food for me, plus girl time. We had a nice chat over our kitfo, which is basically raw meat with seasoning, (so I am really not a vegetarian. At all. In any way.) but isn't... um... sitting so well in my stomach this morning. But we still had a great time, and I am sad that my friend thinks she wants to move to California because really, what the hell does that state have to offer besides a warm climate, stunning beaches, a superior wine country, and amazing, organic food?

And now the universe has decided that it's Monday. Again. For some reason, that seems to happen to me almost weekly. Dang it.


stampydurst said...

Don't forget-California is also home to some very cute and talented (and young) bloggers! You'll just have to come visit your friend to see what you are missing.

Mama P said...

You lead a very different life from me now, but one I used to lead about ten years ago. Ha! I just hope the Funasaurus doesn't morph into the Boring-mortgage-earner-pus. Anyway, keep having fun. Rex and I are starting to remember our pre-marriage days and spicing it up a bit, so thanks for the inspiration.

Oh, when I get my camera batteries together I will take another photo of the dead horse hair for you.

That sounds funny combined with the first paragraph.

librarian pirate said...

truthfully? I'm not such a big fan of pie. Custardy pies, like Pumpkin and lemon mereingue (and that is soooo spelt wrong! I'm sorry) are fantastic, but the fruit filled ones - while tasty - I am kinda scared of. They're indimidating! But I plan on making a pie soon to help me get over this fear ...

meno said...

A decent restaurant in Colorado Springs? When i lived there, the best place in town was a Chilis.
So where are these pictures with the flawless skin?

Princess in Galoshes said...

I don't have proofs of the flawless skin pics back, yet, but I will try and link to them, when I do!

And- good luck with your pie, librarian pirate. I recommend strawberry. NOT strawberry rhubarb. Just plain, undiluted strawberry. aw-w-w-some