Thursday, November 09, 2006

Royal Recipes

Salmon recipe for those who were interested (it's insanely easy):

* You will need:
Some salmon filets. (I usually do two. You can do more, go you with your right to choose!)
Aluminum foil.
Lemon juice.
Light, dry wine. (I usually use a sauvignon blanc. Pinot grigio should would just fine, too.)
Soy sauce.
1 avocado and some cream cheese (if you are feeling sassy.)

* Sculpt (yes, sculpt!) two salmon-y sized open-top boxes for salmon filets out of the aluminum foil. Then place the two open-top boxes onto a baking sheet. This keeps the mess somewhat contained. Sometimes. Unless you poke a hole in one of the aluminum boxes, which I inevitably do.
* Wash and pat dry salmon filets and place in aluminum boxes, which you have sculpted.
* In a bowl mix:
1/2 cup wine
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup lemon juice
2-3 (or 4) tablespoons of melted butter
* pour goo in bowl onto salmon in aluminum
* place baking sheet in oven (which you have conveniently pre-heated, even though I forgot to tell you) and broil for about 20 minutes. Give or take. Brush sauce on salmon occasionally.
*take out, serve with slices of avocado and cream cheese on top, for that little somethin' extra.

Voila. Easy salmon à la Princess.

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, work is not going so well. Herr MWOTH continues to plague my existence with his presence. He's asked several of us to help out some of the regional sales managers with sales calls. I hate sales calls more than anything. I am not good at calling people and telling them to buy something, even if I do believe in the product. I'm more of a, "No, I don't have money for twenty copies of that book, either. That's dumb. I totally understand. Have a nice day!"-type girl.

Don't give me goals, unless they involve drinking a certain number of glasses of chardonnay in a set amount of time. If that was my goal, I would kick anyone else's ass and earn a bonus to boot.

Sadly, there is little demand for my wine consumption talents in the book world. But I seek to change that. Someday the world will realize just how valueable that can be. Once I've got my kingdom, I'm instituting all sorts of new policies involving chardonnay. Martini lunches will be once again integral to sales and a brandy snifter will be a prerequisite for editing. Oh, what a wonderful world it will be.


daufiero said...

And I was thinking my skills were going to be obsolete when I returned to the work place! Thanks for giving a commoner some hope.

(...and dinner ideas. I enjoy recipe blog entries more than I should, perhaps. Bravo!)

kerrianne said...

Mmmm...Salmon. Yum.

meno said...

I am going to make that recipe soon. It sounds great. I'll report back.

MommyHAM said...

Ummy, yummy...that sounds wicked good. Love salmon, wine, lemony goodness, butter, cream cheese and avocados, but never thought to put them all together at once before!

Some're gonna have to fill newbies like myself in on Herr MWOTH - like is it an acronym? The sound of Herr clearing his throat? Your gag reflex you hear everytime he nears?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great recipe. I'll have to make it soon.


Thailand Gal

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sounds like a wonderful recipe!

I have a great salmon recipe too. It starts by calling Chili's and ends with picking up a styrofoam box.

Marcia said...

That salmon sounds yummy. And I'm hopeless with seafood, but I think even I could make it.