Friday, December 01, 2006

Retired Penguins

So far, I am actually really enjoying being retired! I mean, unemployed. Heh heh. So far, there has been a snow day, and while no snow angels (was a little too cold-looking, out there, for my tastes) there was definitely hot chocolate, sleeping in, and cuddling with the kitties. Yesterday the roads cleared up enough for me to finally take advantage of a gift certificate I got LAST Christmas, and mom and I got massages together. That didn’t suck. Friends have been taking me out to lunch, The Funasaurus took me out to a sushi dinner, and I am getting caught up on cleaning and errands and daytime T.V. Besides small bouts of mopey-ness and the complete and utter loss of self-worth, things have been pretty awesome around here.

Also, I have decided that I really desperately need a penguin, after seeing the MOST ADORABLE THING EVER last weekend. This morning, as I lay in bed, in no rush to get up at all, I started playing fetch with Tatum, and one of his little mice toys. He’d retrieve it, drop it near my face so that I would not have to move much to throw it for him again. We had a good little system going. But he finally got tired and decided to take a little break, dropped his mouse in the crook of my legs, and sat on it. This is the moment that I realized I had my very own little penguin, just sitting on his nest (and yes, I did see the damn movie, I know the emperor penguins don’t have nests, they waddle around slowly starving and freezing to death while balancing the eggs on their feet like the coldest game of hackey sack EVER but let’s just pretend I’m talking about another kind of penguin, o.k.,? One that does make a nest.) and VOILA. Take away the oversized ears, and crazed where-the-fuck-did-my-mouse-go?-look, (and maybe also the nice warm piles of blankets) and I’d say I’ve scored my very own penguin. Do you see it? Maybe in a if-a-penguin-and-a-very-small-owl-got-a-little-crazy-one-night-and-forgot-a-condom-oh-just-trust-be-baby kind of way? No?

Here’s wishing you a slightly-less-demented penguin of your very own, too. Happy Friday!


meno said...

My penguin is tucked under my arm as i type. His ears express his annoyance that i dare move and disturb his highness.

MommyHAM said...

Psssst....princess, e-mail me please.

I just started another blog that is "for members only." I'd like to add you as you are one of the people who hasn't known me FOREVER and some of the posts could use an objective "outsider." It's freaking desperate housewives material.