Friday, October 27, 2006

Snow in the Kingdom

So. We got some snow yesterday.

And by "some" I mean "a shit-ton."

Of course, being Colorado, it's already mostly melted off.

The mountains got over two feet.

I am *itching* to go ski on it, just to make sure.

Yesterday I had to go to a doctor's appointment before work. Well, with the pretty flakes swirling down, drivers suddenly went from normal to STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID and drove either outrageously slow or outrageously fast. Folks, if the road is wet, slow down. If the road is icy, slow down a lot more. If you are doing 7 mph in the fast lane on I-70 you better be driving a snow cat over a newfound fucking highway glacier. Otherwise, please attempt 18 to 20 mph.

Of course, I say this, being all haughty about my driving skeelz, and whatnot. Equally haughty about my memory, I decide I most certainly do not need to write down directions to the doctor's office, having been there once before.

An hour and a half after I left my house, and 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment, I am circling the general area where the doctor's office *should* be. Maybe it's buried in snow, I think.

But I call my friend E, just to be sure.

"I assume you are in front of your computer, E, seeing as how you work from home, and it's just not fair?"

E: Mmm. Yes. And I'm wrapped in a blanket. Drinking hot chocolate. In front of my fireplace.

Me (skidding into an intersection): Fuck you. Now, will you do me a favor?

E: Um.

Me: Please look up my doctor and give me the address, because I am an idiot, and did not bring it.

E: Will do. Give me a sec. Whew, so is it as cold out there as it looks?

Me: grrrr

E: Here it is. Abcd 38th Ave.

Me (currently circling Abcd 32nd Ave.): Ah. That might explain it.

E: Gotta go, my freshly-made, nice, warm muffins are done.

Me: Hater.

The doctor was running late, too, and while I don't enjoy visits to the doctor, they can be a nice distraction from work. As I sat in the waiting room, I called the office manager to let her know I was going to be a bit late.

Office Manager: Call me when you're done. You may not have to come in.

Me: ?!?!?!? Also: LOVE YOU.

So the doctor says doctor-y things, pokes me with some needles, and gives me an awesome toughgirl bandage, and I call the office manager back.

Office Manager: About 4 people managed to make it in to work, today. There would have been 5, but #5 is in a ditch with his car, somewhere, fine but very grumpy. Everyone else is working from home. I think the rest of us are going to leave pretty soon. You should just go home.

Me (making a beeline for my house): If you insist.

There's still no internet at my house (despite a very long wait on the phone with Comcast, wherein I *may* have also fucked up our regular phone line while playing around with the modem, and now we have no dial tone, along with no internet connection) which is why I didn't post, yesterday. But I did get a little work done, and I got a nice nap, and I made an ugly but extra-icing-y birthday cake for The Funasaurus, even though his birthday was, like, 5 days ago. Better late than never, right? Right? ...Hello?

And I had a big, fat cup of hot chocolate. And sat under a warm blanket. Living the dream, baby. Living the dream.


stampydurst said...

Prettiest princess galoshes, thanks for stopping by. I am sooo jealous of your snow. The last few years, Mammoth has gotten REALLY early snow, and I've done my best to get a day or two off and go boarding. This is the first year I actually have a some spare some time, and NO EARLY SEASON SNOWFALL. Thus, I must live vicariously through you. Please get to the mountains and get some first tracks.

Hope all went well at the doctors. And stop by again soon.

Anonymous said...

As a 'boarder convert I must suggest you try it. There's going to be a sore butt from the first lesson but once you get the hang of it you'll be screwing with skiers all over the place.

PS - I am totally envious your neck of the woods is turning into a winter wonderland.

Anonymous said...

When stuff like that happens (the office manager telling you to go home) it kinda feels like when as a kid you woke up, and started to get up to get ready for school only to remember that today was the first day of summer vacation.. That's the best.

katie-q said...

Every day for the last week here we have had the threat of snow, but so far nothing, I'm not looking forward to the upcoming winter though, here's to hoping for lots of snow days!

Marcia said...

I think saying "shit-ton" is a Colorado thing. I never here it now that I live in the big bad midwest.

But I'm so bringing that word back here.

(And. Ask me sometime. I MAY have driven a minivan into a ditch at one point....)