Monday, October 23, 2006

Procrastinator Princess

The Funasaurus left for the weekend to go to a wedding in California, and while I missed him very much, I also slept sideways in the bed and it was awesome. He got home last night, and I think he was a little surprised that I head-butted his chest a couple times, in the middle of the night, in an unconscious attempt to redirect our sleeping patterns.

Saturday I went wedding dress shopping (again) and Sunday I spent cleaning and lounging around... until about noon when I suddenly realized, oh! The Funasaurus has a birthday coming up! As in: TOMORROW.

Holy Fuck.

I am a bad, bad fiancée.

So I hustled on over to a sporting goods store, knowing full well I could find something there he'd like. I had in mind a croquet set, because The Funasaurus has recently expressed an interest in croquet (despite the fact that he's neither British nor a grandma) and I thought that'd be fabulous. Except it turns out that croquet is a SPRING sport (who knew?!) and the stupid store was all out and more focused on winter sports, now, but thanks anyway, would he perhaps be interested in a hockey stick?


So I went to Sharper Image and got him... A NOSE HAIR TRIMMER. For his birthday.

Because I'm an asshole. (hee? Maybe slightly funny asshole? No?)

And I got one of these. Because I thought it'd be fun. Turns out, if you have wine and get snuggly (or even, not, and you're just more naturally creative than I am) it can be *very* fun. If you know what I mean.

And! We got a pumpkin. *joy!* Not that I've carved it, and not that I'm snazzy and acquainted with cool people who want to get competitive about it like Marcia, but I own a slightly deformed gourd AND I bought it BEFORE the freakin' holiday. I RULE.

Meanwhile, I really need to get a Halloween costume. As in, stat. Where do you get one of those, last minute? I have this slight Kermit obsession (I have for many, many years) and The Funasaurus has generously agreed to go as Miss Piggy, so that I can be Kermit. Which is really quite phenomenal. We just need to get going on making it happen. Any suggestions on low budget ways to accomplish this????


snow said...

I'm sorry, but the most help i can offer you is to say:

Visit this page and maybe, just maybe you will learn something new!

But please note, their are TWO maybes!

After all, I'm only me....

Go broncos.

Mama P said...

First off, I love that with your pink ribbon purchase your husband to be can now get you off AND support breast cancer awareness. Score! As far as cheap Miss Piggy and Kermit, how about two hanes tee shirts and two sweats dyed in appropriate colors. Use felt for a neck and a pigs nose? Um... pink lipstick or a mask nose (those are pretty cheap). Have fun! If you can combine the breast cancer awareness vibrator with the Miss Piggy/Froggy costume, then it's official: I'm old.

PeeJ said...


at both the nose hair trimmer and the croquet comments. Hey don't let those guys fob you off. It's not strictly a spring sport, our croquet lawn is still set up here at college (but then we're mad eccentric brits who would probably be out there in all weathers playing it, and drinking tea with our little fingers crooked).

Great blog btw. Fell down the well here from Thursday's...