Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Don't Eat Caviar, Even Though It's Yummy

The weather here is messing with me. I think the weather and The Universe are directly related, somehow.

It's dark and gloomy (and kinda cozy, actually, minus the fact that they are insisting on keeping the office at a nice, balmy temperature of one-degree-above-turning-my-fingers-into-ice-pops) and there seems to be some sort of precipitation in the air... but it's not quite yet snow. COME ON, SNOW!

* * * * *

(Those are transition dots, thus entitling me to the right to say something totally unrelated to snow without further ado.)

I like beluga wales. I used to very much LOVE beluga whales, as a kid, but I kind of forgot about them for a while, what with the 80s, the 90s, college, high fashion, and enormous amounts of cabernet going on, in my life. But there's a little picture of a beluga whale on my calendar, this month. And I remembered how adorable I think those 3,300 lbs marine animals are.

Random fact: "beluga" means "white one" in Russian

Random fact #2: Belugas don't have a dorsal fin, which makes swimming under ice sheets and icebergs and whatnot, easier.

Random fact #3: "Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea" by Raffi was one of the first songs I ever learned.

Please don't think less of me.

Random fact #4: Belugas are closely related to narwhals.

Which are basically the unicorns of the ocean.

I love unicorns!

Which leads me to random fact #5: (see, no need for transition dots, I am COOL LIKE THAT, write-on, yo [pun intended]...[very bad, barely-even-a pun) I want a unicorn tattoo.

I realize I was supposed to get that out of the way during my rebellious youth, but I never got around to it. So I'm thinking it'll be a good 30th birthday present to myself. Except I'm not sure I want to wait that long.

To tattoo, or not to tattoo, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and syringes of outrageous unicorn-esque fortune
Or to take arms against my mother's intense dislike of body art....

What do you all think? Do you have tattoos?


Shooting Star said...

This is my first comment on a blog -- not just your blog, but any blog. And yours is the only blog I read faithfully -- nice job! You're doing great!

In any case, you arlready know how I feel about the unicorn tattoo, as I myself have a tattoo and have never regretted getting one. In fact, in that moment of decision, hanging out with two friends when the spontaneous idea came up (and, no, I was not drunk, had not even had one drink! In fact, I did sleep on it over one night, so it wasn't TOTALLY spontaneous), I realized I would regret NOT getting one. And I've loved it ever since. And you know I've offered to go with you to get one ... just say the word when you're ready! ;)

(Thank you for the name Shooting Star, by the way, which you bequeathed to me in an earlier posting.)

meno said...

I got my tattoo when i was 44. And i love it. It was a Christmas present for my husband. He liked it.
Go for it, you are old enough. And post a picture when it's done.

Mama P said...

I got a tatoo when I was 19. Dumb. But I was with someone I didn't like but was trying to pretend I did. And I got a stupid heart (which I hate). If you like them, and you're with someone you adore, then get one! Besides, if you HATE it one day, you can get it surgically removed with chunks of skin off your butt. Lipo and erasing all at once - it's a win win!

Anonymous said...

It's obviously something you've wanted for a long time, so I say go for it. However, I got one on my upper arm when I was 18 and regretted it a couple of years later. I should have thought more about the design. I've had it 'removed' (by paying over $1000 over the years) but now I have a not-so-lovely, bumpy white scar where the tattoo once was thanks to the lasers. I would definitely get in a place where perhaps you can see it when you want to, but where it's not visible to others except perhaps the Funasaurus.

katie-q said...

I don't have one, although I've always kind of wanted one, I wanted it on my toe, but was told by a couple of tattoo artists that its a hard location and I wouldn't be happy with it, so have chosen for now not to do it.

That and the fact that 'the boy' has an extremely severe dislike for tattoos, and even though its my body and I can do what I want with it, I have a small hesitation because of him.