Monday, March 24, 2008

You Lost Me

The Funasaurus and I finally succumbed, and decided to start watching Lost, after everyone and their brother insisted that it was the best show on television. Everyone and their brother for some reason thought I would like this show, yet neglected to mention that it is about a fucking vivid PLANE CRASH, that they insist on showing OVER AND OVER and from EVERY POSSIBLE ANGLE, despite the fact that everyone and their brother knows this is basically my biggest fear ever. EVER EVER. Up and to the point that everyone and their (and my) brother knows this because I have drooled pathologically on their shoulder when I fly with them because I am so cracked out on-anti-anxiety medication that I have lost control of a) my drool b) my mind, which is kind of fun when you have a chauffeur picking you up, but less fun when you have a short layover in Chicago O’Hare and you are forced to navigate the blinky neon lights and trance music in the tunnels and OH IT’S FASCINATING when cracked out, but not so conducive to efficient walking. (There may be a Cat-sized dent in the wall under the spot where the purple lights end, where I totally fucking walked right into it, feel free check it out, next time you are in O’Hare with some time to kill.)

Hi, so yeah. We got three episodes in, and there shall be no more. Basically because The Funasaurus is not a fan of being kicked all night long, in between shouts of “THAT’s NOT THE RIGHT TUNA, OH MY GOD!” (My dreams don’t necessarily make sense, but when they’re particularly stressful, my subconscious often elects to share them with the conscious world, anyway.) So the fucking PLANE CRASH haunted me all night, and made me think dire thoughts about tuna and the incorrectness of it all, and this morning I feel a) hungover b) like I spent the whole night crying, which, hey, maybe I did, tuna can be complicated, man.

Lost is not for me, thanks for the suggestion, though. I will be enlisting your help to get another prescription, seeing as how I told my doctor I would not need any more a couple years ago, after working through my issues for a decade and finally attempting to fly without the drugs, again.

At least this has put a delay on my spendy ambitions to get to Scandinavia for a while. Maybe my fears will recover about the same time the dollar does.

Anywhos... Easter was fun. We ate cheeseburgers up at The Funasaurus’ family’s house, which is a drastic change from the mimosas and omelet stations and ice sculptures and fancy clothes that I have been used to in Easters past, but I will say, I was MUCH more comfortable this year in a discretely unbuttoned pair of jeans than in a fancy skirt. Skirts have their time and place (THURSDAYS!) but maybe Easter doesn’t need to be one of them… or maybe I just need to invest in more skirts with elastic bands.

Either way, that reminds me that I DID participate in skirt Thursday last week, even if I forgot to post a picture. I was busy being distracted by the pending marriage proposal. I will attempt to post a picture this week, as I am already weighing my options. Please feel free to join me in the revolution this week, especially if it is supposed to be in the SIXTIES where you are, like it’s supposed to be here! Hooray!


st. arbucks the cat said...

yup. lots of the plane crashing. diving. falling. being ripped apart. screaming through the air. massive panic. you are right.

you paint a good picture of the drug induced trance images! i need those same drugs when i talk to people. that's why i sleep under the beds.

meno said...

That leaves me as the only person left who has never seen Lost. Thanks for the warning. Who needs that?

Ramblin' Red said...

Oh Meno is wrong, Charlie Brown and I have not watched Lost either...much to the chagrin of our church comrades, lol.

Diane said...

I used to work for a firm that did plane crash litigation and I hated flying as a firm to retreats thinking the airplane gods would find this to be a particularly amusing time for wind shears . . .

Melissa said...

I've never watched Lost either and I certainly don't plan on it now!

You were right, the secret wasn't quite as exciting to me but still fun none-the-less! I certainly didn't think for even a split second that you were preggers!

I'll join you on skirt Thursday considering I think it was pushing 100 here the other day!

CORI said...

I've never seen Lost and now I wont thanks to your experience. I too am FAH-REAKED out by plane crashes. I fly a lot for work and begged my doc for some meds. He gave me these ultra tiny wanna be pills that do nothing for me. I take them and then ponder if I am feeling buzzed or not. How I long for the big guns of anti anxiety medication.

It's feeling like 80 here so I just might join you in the skirt revolution.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Starbys- Sleeping under beds? huh?

Meno- You don't need it, trust me

Red- Who knew there was a whole group of us!

Diane- Eeek, I could totally see that. Glad you don't work there, anymore.

Mel- I can't believe it's already 100 degrees, there. But all the more reason to expand the revolution to Tuesdays!!!

Cori- Tell your doc they are not working. And be willing to go with a small (like 4 dose) amount. They just want to make sure you're not abusing it.

st. arbucks the cat said...

people make me nervous. i hide from them. they show up and i leave. i sleep under the bed. i go out at night.