Friday, March 07, 2008

The Rain in Spain Can Damn Well Stay There

We were watching My Fair Lady last night, and I have come to the conclusion that it sucks not having an excuse to wear such gorgeous ball gowns on a more regular occasion. Also, if I had it to do over again, I think I would have modeled my wedding dress after the one Audrey Hepburn gets to wear to the ball where she woos the Hungarian prince-guy.

My Fair Lady


I have thus decided to decree Thursdays Dress (or skirt) Day. Every Thursday, everyone in my office shall wear a dress, thus I spake. Working from home, everyone = me, (and maybe Sugar, if I can catch her.) Every revolution must start somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my jeans as much as the next girl. But I love all the costumes and the finery, and despite the ankle-length skirts, the tops of those dresses were quite fitted… and flattering.

This, coming from the girl who is still wearing pajama pants at half past noon.

I am getting a chance to dress up tonight, though. We are going to the thee-ah-tah. The Funasaurus is taking me to see Stomp, which I have always wanted to see. There’s something intensely satisfying about people jumping on garbage cans in a harmonious manner.

Finally, it’s really Friday.


D'Rae said...

Declare every day a skirt day! I do!

Angela said...

Oh, how I LOVE My Fair Lady. I used to watch that and The King and I obsessively as a child. Mostly for the gorgeous dresses and leading ladies.

Good for you and your Dress/Skirt day! I work in a very casual office, and every time I wear a dress I get the third degree. "Where are you going?" "Why are you dressed up?" I just want to look PRETTY DAMMIT!

Mama P said...

If you want to see people stomp on garbage cans, just hang out with my kids on trash day. Fun for all.

I like that dress, but her hair? Looks like some gothic rooster perch. But I've seen your photos, and think you'd have rocked her ball dress. But I loved your wedding dress, too. You'll just have to have a vow ceremony next year to celebrate again!

audrey said...

We're going to see Stomp on Sunday, and I'm so excited! I've wanted to see them for years and always missed them coming through Denver for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy the show tonight!

meno said...

Oh i loved Stomp! Have fun.

Don't you just love those hats in My Fair Lady too?

Erin said...

That dress on Audrey Hepburn is my all-time favorite dress. I really do think we should have more reasons to dress up!

Christie said...

You know, when I had to dress up daily, I hated it. But now that life (i.e. children) demand pants because of their constant need to be outside and in dirty places, I find myself wishing I could put on a dress and feel pretty.

Melissa said...

My Fair Lady is the best! After Breakfast at Tiffany's of course!

That's crazy that you saw Stomp the same day I saw a similar version. I've never actually seen the real Stomp but this show seemed fairly Stomp-ish. I mean they danced and beat on garbage cans and all. They sang a lot in Hebrew too though, which was a drag 'coz I didn't understand it. Oh well, the music was good.

Marcia said...

I'm going to join you on Skirt Thursdays! Now, I already have this rule where I wear a skirt every day that it's above freezing, but still. I like joining things.

Lily said...

That`s the kind of thought that comes to my mind everytime I pass near our local medieval store...
Why can`t we wear corsets and floor grazing skirts everyday??

Princess in Galoshes said...

D'rae- That's why I admire you. I might get there someday, but I gotta start somewhere....

Angela- Screw them! Join me for dress Thursdays!

Mama P- I couldn't agree more. That hair is... rather upscale mohawk-y, no? Congratulations on your aspiring Stomp-ers, though! That could be good money.

Audrey- Did you like it? We LOVED it!

Meno- I did like it, and I adore the hats in My Fair Lady. They're so deliciously over-the-top, and high fashion and dated at the same time.

Erin- I couldn't agree, more.

Christie- Maybe you could branch out into a denim skirt this summer? If it's not too short??

Mel- Glad you liked the Israeli version. You'll definitely have to see it here and compare.

Marcia- I hereby bequeath you an official member of Dress Thursdays. I'll teach you the secret handshake, one of these days.

Lily- Mmm, corsets. Second only to high-necked frocks. (Not kidding.)

M-M-M-Mishy said...

The times I find myself in a funk, I throw on one or two of my delightful Audrey Hepburn DVDs and always find myself in a better mood. That is, until I realize that Gregory Peck isn't sweeping me away on his moped through the streets of Rome. And Humphrey Bogart and William Holden aren't fighting over my affections after I come back from a year in Paris a changed woman.

Then I just eat ice cream to cheer myself up. YUM!

Snark Scribe said...

I'd join you for dress Thursdays if I didn't work in a lab.