Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Revolution Begins! Also, Some Tatum Redemption

So it’s officially Dress Thursday! Of course, I couldn’t fully commit, I only went for the skirt, because I don’t really own any warm dresses.

It turns out, taking a picture of yourself is a lot harder than I thought. I found the self timer; I figured it couldn’t be easier! I figured wrong. It is actually not so easy to get the stupid camera to focus on you when you are the one behind the camera doing the focusing. The camera wants to focus on the white wall behind where you will be, instead (because you do not want to use your clutter-filled living room as a backdrop, naturally) which it has some trouble doing. Then you turn out to be a blob. Then you cannot quite fit into the range the camera allows. (Note to “self”: drop non-subtle hints for tripod for birthday. HI BABY!)

So here is a picture of most of my skirt, minus a large percentage of my head, and something white, I think maybe the magazine I was using to prop the camera up on:


As you can perhaps tell, working from home leads one to feel less inclined to do things like iron. And comb one’s hair.

Meanwhile, Tatum, and apparently, a large percentage of the internet, feel that perhaps I was a bit unfair in my description of his svelte self, yesterday.

Feeling a bit remorseful, I give you Tatum being cool, not showing his lack of balls to the world:


I give you Tatum, the lover of Sugar.


Sometimes he holds her protectively.


Sometimes he snuggles under her for safety.


Sometimes he eats her earwax and then gnaws on her neck while she is trying to sleep.


I apologize for not getting a better picture of the gnawing, but Sugar does not put up with that shit very long. There was not time for a second picture before she got the heck out of there.


Christie said...

You look great! Are you wearing that lovely skirt with bedroom slippers? I would be, but I'm lazy like that.

meno said...

Your cats are SO beautiful. Like a ying/yang symbol.

Lily said...

Pretty Tatum!
What's the name of that race with the short "curly" hair?? I should know as a cat lover, but this morning, I'm sick, so very very sick....and I can't think.

D'Rae said...

The race with the short hair is Rex, I believe.

Nice start to the Revolution! Keep up the good work!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Hey Christie- No, I wasn't, but that would have been awesome. I was just barefoot. :-)

Meno- Thank you!!!

Lily- They are Devon Rex, specifically. (As opposed to Cornish Rex, who have the same fur, but different shaped faces.)

D'rae- You are correct! And thanks, I know you are far better than me at the whole skirt/dress thing, but I strive to be more like you!

Diane said...

Now the song Ebony and Ivory is running thru my brain . . .

Elmwood said...

hi...visiting from Amandas blog --owner of the puppy you would like to eat with a spoon!! :)

your cats are adorable and all cuddley I love it--mine is SO mean!!!!!! we call him "the asshole" seriously that's how mean he is!! LOL

Lily said...

Ummm...forgot to mention....I see that picture with the pretty skirt, but I also see a girl who seems to be in killer shape! And YOU are the one moaning about bathing suit trying!!ha!

Mimi said...

Hi Princess,
You simply must go look at lolcats today! Tatum has some competition over there! If you don't already know about it, let me apologize now, it is truly addicting.

a blog fan and wayward Colorado girl

Yoga Gal said...

Skirt works and you look lovely! Also, liked the photos of the kitty cats.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Diane- Hee!

Elmwood- Oh, trust me, Tatum has his asshole moments, too.

Lily-I am wearing, like three layers in that picture. ... for a reason.

Mimi- I love LOL cats, and omg, that picture was definite competition. I've always wanted to submit a Tatum picture.... Love your blog, btw! I want to live in Mexico and see all those things!!!

Yoga gal- You should join the revolution this Thursday!

Ramblin' Red said...

Loving the revolution! But then I am partial to skirts/dresses. I am working on getting a pic of the dress that the cashier was a bi-atch about, but time is elusive, and it IS hella hard to take a full-length of yourself! (I wouldn't ask CB to do it b/c then he'd think I was vain, lol)

Marcia said...

You look so pretty!