Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meaningless Drivel

In the ever-evolving state of awesomeness (not to be confused with disarray-ed-ness) in our house, we have, of course, added Guitar Hero.

I suck balls at this game, but The Funasaurus is quite good, and I have rekindled my love for the song, “Talk Dirty to Me” because of the cellar door bit. Why a cellar door? Are you talking dirty in the basement? Oooh, baby, you like it dirty? Are you a bad boy? Touch me… hey, watch out for the sump pump!

Anywhos. That’s our latest brain-numbing technique to pass the time. It’s quite fun, although I think it’s probably funner if you don’t suck. I ended up letting The Funasaurus play about three to every one of my songs, not because he doesn’t offer to let me play, he’s good at sharing, but because I get intimidated when he’s using a fourth button and speeding through some complex Pearl Jam song, and I am still attempting to not get boo-ed off the stage with my “I Want to Rock and Roll All Niiiiight… plunk... plunk... plunk.”

It’s nice they let you pick your character, but I really, really wish they’d let me switch up the lead singer in my band. (The Galoshes, of course) because I DO NOT like the dude with the greasy hair and eyeballs halfway up his forehead. He freaks me out.

So, um, there’s that. And my latest issue of Glamour. And really, that’s about all I’ve been doing besides work, recently. How much do I need to get a life?

The problem with getting a life is that it costs money, and I am all nervous about the economy these days. And I spend a lot of time contemplating whether I should never have Starbucks again and save every penny (ie: $3.79) I can, or if I should quick spend it while the dollar is still worth something, and get my fill of decaf vanilla lattes and chais right away.

Obviously, my existence is relevant and profound on the Earth, these days.

Although I do feel like I did a public service with my last post, warning all of you off of Lost. I had no idea there were so many fellow Lost-not-watchers out there, but hey! Maybe we can form a club! Go us and our disinterest in firey plane crashes from every angle!

I have now set my TV viewing sights on The Wire. There are just no connections you can draw from luxury planes flying over unknown regions of the pacific with the ghetto of Baltimore. I feel good about this one.

P.S. Dress Thursday is tomorrow! Don't forget to do your part for the revolution.


Leader the cat said...

i think guitar hero must be what man and lady do when they are on my bed and the lady uses her odd voice to say to the man, "i want to rock and roll all night!" and then they wrestle and shake the bed and i go and sleep under the other bed after i poop in that stinky box in the bathroom because sometimes that makes them stop wrestling because i can make big smells that drift through the whole house.

Diane said...

Ok, I am a Wire-maniac. I have faithfully watched every season and begged everyone I know to watch it. I hope you are starting with season 1 and working your way through it.

I've worn a skirt/dress every day this week, so if I wear pants tomorrow, you KNOW I am with the revolution in spirit

audrey said...

I hate that lead singer, too! His mouth is half his face and it freaks me out. I intentionally play songs with girl singers just so I don't have to look at him.

Lily said...

To the first poster ("leader the Cat"):
--Timine!!??? Is that you??lol

I never played guitar hero! I can't remember the last video game I played....but I have to admit that one sounds like fun, although I'm pretty sure I would be in the balls suckers camp too. (And gosh, that sounded dirty...)

Alright, I'll wear a skirt tomorrow, and you know it will be challenging because of the playing outside and running after kids, but that just means I'm in the spirit in an extra special kind of way. And in the hopes of being forgiven of not commenting for such a long time!;P

For the records, I've stopped watching Lost long ago...I was addicted at first, but it became too complicated, with too many characters and I just didn't have the will anymore...I'm a lazy TV watcher.

Ramblin' Red said...

Princess, fear not.

You will eventually get in the guitar hero groove.

I did.

And it is fun.

Also, if you are like me and have redneck kin, it is a much more suitable attempt to have fun with them than say, Balderdash. Lesson learned.

Brendan Charles Huffman said...

Ooh, Guitar Hero. I am good at it. Keep trying!

Also, congrats on not getting sucked into bad TV.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Leader- You've got nothing on Tatum, sadly

Diane- Oooh, see, if you like it, that's a good sign. I will set the DVR, accordingly. Go you with the revolution!

Audrey- SMART! I am going to start playing the chick-songs, too.

Lily- So did you wear a skirt today? I'm so impressed you even considered it!

Red- Good point! And I so do have hick relatives.

Brendan- Why does it not surprise me at all that you kick ass at Guitar Hero?

John In Colorado said...

i don't watch lost. tried, but couldn't engage. i have never tried guitar hero but i am what they call a "late adopter" of trends. i bet i could crush it! haha. not.