Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh Friday, You Little Tease

My brother and sister-in-law are here visiting. I can hear them downstairs, racking up the points on Guitar Hero, and racing past any high points The Funasaurus and I (ha, like I had high points, they beat that on their first try) have ever scored.

I am supposed to be working, so I have removed myself from the fun. Naturally, my first inclination is to check my e-mail and blog, instead. Because it doesn’t feel like I’m skipping out on work as much if I am still sequestered away, here, in the office.

Worksheets wha? Maybe I need to go downstairs and make sure they know how to use the wail bar. Or maybe I need to go to the grocery store. Running errands is practically work, right? Right?

Echo... Echo... Echo.


Diane said...

Yeah, I left the office early and did my grocery shopping and went to the post office

errands = work, for sure

Lydia said...

Tell them Lydia says hi! Hehe.
Those two always made my game scores look pathetic. ;-)

Yoga Gal said...

Running errands is a work-out!

John In Colorado said...

my first inclination when i am working is to check blogs and email, too. i think it's a sign of too much time on my hands. the busier i am, the better i work and use my time.