Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Royal Revolution

Fine, you asked for it. A heinous picture of me, to prove I am participating in the revolution. For anyone with more photography experience than I, how the hell do you focus on a spot, where nothing is, yet? Say, yourself, after you click the timer button…. I tried to make Tatum stand still and/or jump in that spot so I could focus on him, but he was very uncooperative.


This is not my most flattering, nor elegant, skirt. But It IS nice and flowy. I feel very girly. Bonus: no zippers to contend with at every potty break. (Apparently I’m back in kindergarten. Hello, potty breaks! No restrooms here! Where are my Smurf underoos?)

But what’s really exciting is, the revolution is spreading!!!

Apart from that, I have been avoiding work, getting my engagement ring cleaned obsessively (what’s that you say? My sister-in-law has a brand new, huge, sparkly one? I hadn’t noticed.) and working some more. I am ignoring the fact that The Funasaurus is about to go away for two weeks, hoping that maybe it just won’t happen if I don’t say anything. He has been working hard, so I try not to get too clingy, but part of me is panicking about a) my midnight butt-warmer going away and b) my computer going away. (I say “mine.” Technically, it is “his.” But I use it more. Squatters rights.) How shall I blog and do e-mail and everything else that I normally do when I am supposed to be working? The horror.

Plus, I have decided to go back to the wild while he is gone. Savage living, really. I’ll barely have running water. I am going to… (drum roll) turn off the T.V. for the whole time he is gone.


Well, minus American Idol. I am giving myself that freebie so that I can lure my unsuspecting neighbors over for dinner to keep me company, when I get lonely mid-week, husband-less and T.V.-less.

The thing is, there are things I want to DO. I... don’t know what they are. But I have been feeling like I have no free time, recently. And I have this creeping suspicion that there is this whole world of FUN that is just out there waiting for me, and I am fully suspect of Friends reruns for keeping it from me.

BLAME FRIENDS! It’s my new campaign. Never mind they went off the air years ago.

So I have decided to take the most masochistic route possible to my beloved’s absence, and shall also be depriving myself of my electronic babysitter. I’m currently taking bets on how long that lasts. Vegas puts the odds on 45 minutes after he leaves on Sunday, maybe an hour if I take my customary weekend nap.

Wish me luck.


razr the cat said...

i believe in squatter's rights. that's why i squat on things. maybe if you can pee on it a little, too, you can keep the computer thingy.
the tv thingy is no good anyway. if you jump at the things in it, they put up their force field and smack you in the face.
you can play with my mouse and my string and my springy thingy while your man is gone. it keeps me happy. or you can play with me and rub my belly. everyone wants to rub my belly. do you have any milk?

meno said...

I always try and ignore it when the Mister is going out of town, but so far, it hasn't worked and he still goes.

Cute cat and Cat.

Leah said...

I seriously thought about wearing a skirt today to participate in skirt thursday, but it was too cold for a skirt. I hate pantyhose!

And if you need entertainment next week while the funasaurus is gone, we will be happy to entertain you!

Diane said...

You look lovely, as usual! Does no TV include no DVDs?

alyndabear said...

Hey, at least you HAVE an engagement ring to shine. I just have to stare jealously at everyone else's, and try to hide my ringless fingers. ;)

Great to meet you!

Pauline said...

aw come on - you can do it. I haven't had a TV (except for using the screen to watch movies) in almost 20 years. Go outside! Take long walks and discover the world beyond the flickering images. Then come back and report ;)

(I have only one skirt, too, and wear it to funerals... no one has died on a Thursday in some time, alas)

Melissa said... usual your are so cute my dear! I'm feeling sorry for myself today and I am missing all my friends back home! :( Get a Skype account and we can talk while the Hubby is away!

Lily said...

I would *never* do that to myself!
Too drastic for me, men-less for two weeks and no TV at all??
Well you have good reasons, and it's Spring afterall, so many outside things to do...
Okay, maybe I would seriously cut on my TV watching, but no TV and not DVDs for 2 weeks?? *shudder* That would feel like grounding myself.
Good for you if you can though!!:P

Princess in Galoshes said...

Razr- So how many cats ARE there, at your house??? You must go through a lot of litter....

Meno- Aw, shucks. Thanks. Wish the ignoring worked....

Leah- Be careful what you offer.

Diane- No DVDs, either, by vitue of the fact that I have trouble making the PlayStation work. (Which is what we use for our DVD player.)

Alyndabear- He didn't propose in Paris?!?!

Pauline- It's all cement and track housing around here. But I will come back and report.

Mel- We're missing you, too. I will definitely look into Skype this weekend!

Lily- It's finally getting warmer, here. I couldn't do it if it was still snowing!