Monday, March 31, 2008

At Least Half of the Deadly Sins

A little more than 48 hours since The Funasaurus has gone, and the T.V. has remained off. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, seeing as how I never used to watch so much T.V., it has been pretty easy. Mostly because I wasn’t around much over the weekend, and today I had to “work.”

Except around 4:00 I hit a mental road block, and did the only thing I could think of to do, when work starts to build up and get overwhelming, and that is to ignore it completely and find something else to do, hoping it’ll just go away.

So I left work early (by sauntering across the hall to our bedroom in my socks) and picked up the most horrid of chick-lit, Emily Griffin. And just re-read Something Borrowed. I finished at about 9:30. I don’t like Emily Griffin, I think her stories are trite and shallow attempts at justifying infidelity. I think she lavishes every advantage on her protagonist making them dull and frustratingly flawless (minus the whole infidelity bit, oopsie! But really, it’s o.k., and here’s 300 pages of morally specious excuses) and I can’t even bring myself to feel strongly about the “bad” characters because they are so bad it’s unrealistic and cartoonish.

So why was this the first book I’ve re-read in years? Why did I just spend my whole, lovely, T.V-less evening re-reading crap that I don’t like, instead of a) cleaning my house b) doing the work that built up over the afternoon c) grocery shopping d) mailing birthday gifts to friends e) writing the next Great American Novel (or at least some drivel that’s better than Something Borrowed, it can’t be THAT hard) f) reading good literature, like, say, the next book for my classics book club that I still haven’t gotten around to opening g) playing with my cats h) scheming how to go visit The Funasaurus i) organizing my socks from most-likely-to-sport-a-hole-in-the-toe-tomorrow to least-likely

I have replaced crappy reruns with crappy novels. I do not feel this has been a particularly better use of my time, and my eyes are just as bloodshot.

Sugar and Tatum have been loving it, though, having spent most of the afternoon in various positions on my lap and/or chewing on Very Important Work Papers.

It is hopeless. But I am hoping to convince my neighbors to come over to hang out tomorrow, which will force me to shower and also go to the grocery store. Or at least open the door for the pizza guy.

Princess Sloth (who is secretly very, very jealous of Emily Griffin.)


meno said...

You used the word specious. I think i love you.

Lily said...

I don't even know what specious means, I'll go look it up. Your Blog makes me intellectualy curious and more learned every time. Even though nothing will make me spell better...
Have fun being a sloth, when I feel like that, I re-read Bridget Jones's Diary and it's sequel. It never dissapoints.

Diane said...

my favorite book to re-read is to kill a mockingbird but I spent yesterday evening watching an episode of diagnosis murder recorded on my DVR

Wickedly Scarlett said...

Wow, I don't think I've spent an evening without the tv in... months. Years? That's so terrible, isn't it!

My favorite book to reread is Gone with the Wind. I'm pretty predictable.

shackleton the cat said...

i like to watch hamster tv. have you seen that channel? it's the best. the little hamster runs on the round thing. the little hamster climbs the ladder thing. the little hamster hides under the fluffy stuffs. hamster tv is the best. it has two channels - the one in the downstairs rooom and the one the boy room.
i thought mr fun man took the computer.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Meno- I love you, too

Lily- I've only ever watched Bridget Jones. Maybe I should go pick up the book.

Diane- Sometimes you're just not in the mood for classics, right?

Scarelett- Predictability isn't bad- Gone with the Wind is an awesome book to re-read.

Shackelton- I have not seen hampster TV, is that on Animal Planet? Or are you talking about real hampsters in your house?

shackleton the cat said...

hamster tv is the only tv i know. if i could just get my paw through those little line thingys i could touch it. just a little touch. a little smack. a little claw. a little nibble. a little taste. a little swallow.
do we have any cheese?