Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have been spending a lot of time at home, what with that being where I work, now, and all. Also, last week was uncommonly busy, but this week has been quieter. And therefore I’m able to slowly start catching up on things I’ve been neglecting around the house, including my cats.

(oh, it’s so going to be one of those entries. I happily embrace my inner cat-lady.)

There has been a lot of upheaval, what with moving my office home, and Sugar and Tatum are not really interested in having their environment disturbed. Ever. Unless it involves an increase of tuna and/or faux mice in their environment. In that case, they are all about change, and bring it on, groovy baby!

But I have gotten to watch them on a more intimate level. Combined with my new camera and attempt at faux-tography, there have been lots of pictures.

Like this one.


I realize everyone thinks their baby (human or fur) is the most beautiful, most intelligent, most amazing. But mine actually is. She’s so pensive. You can see the wheels turning, her understanding, her processing. She’s actually much more open-minded than Tatum.

Who talks a big talk, but is actually a big, fat pansy with googly eyes. And oh. I suppose I should do homage to him, too. Here is my darling Tatum.


Apparently we used up all our karmic loveliness on our first cat.

Sugar spends a lot of her life observing. Cleaning. Posing. Thinking Very Deep Things. (Hey, maybe I should introduce her to Porno for Pyros!) Tatum, meanwhile, spends most of his life thinking one thought: “MICE!” Since both of the synapses in his brain are used on said thought, he spends much of his time falling, running into walls, and throwing his butt around in a rather un-feline-like way, and looking surprised. The Funasaurus and I often speak to him with sentences that start with, “Normal kitties don’t…”

(As in: Normal kitties don’t eat Styrofoam! Normal kitties don’t leave their tongues hanging out! Normal kitties don’t sit like that unless they are very, very fat! Normal kitties don’t try and stick their paws in the vacuum WHILE IT’S ON!)

So are you all ready for Dress Thursday?! Because it starts tomorrow, and we’re starting a revolution, here! I have already put much thought into my options. I will post pictures.


meno said...

I just cannot believe that you would exploit your cats like this by posting pictures of their naughty bits (or lack therof) on your blog.


Lily said...

Don`t know why, I always had that mental image of Tatum as a fat cat!!! He is one skinny thing! I love strange cats with weird behaviors, it`s what makes them extra special.
Sugar is beautiful, and no, it's not only because she's yours, you are not biased about that one. She is truly a masterpiece of a cat, with those huge pensive eyes. So Royal! And that photo is great all around, wish I had faux-to skills....;)

Diane said...

Ah, I miss my late cat Bailey, aka BFK (Big Fat Kitty).

But I wore a dress today!

D'Rae said...

Can't wait for Thursday! Your kitties are cute! I too thought that tatum would be a bit bigger.

Melissa said...

There is nothing wrong with embracing your inner cat lady. I fully embrace mine. And seriously, are there really any normal kitties out there anyway?

Princess in Galoshes said...

Meno- You can't? Really? Do you know me at all?

Lily- It's probably because I talk about him being fat all the time... I think it's funny. The Funasaurus says I am giving him a complex.

Diane- Hooray for wearing a dress! Yay for joining the revolution! (And I'm sorry to hear about your BFK.)

D'rae- Did you wear a skirt today??

Mel- No, you're right. They are just a special species of crazy.

Christie said...

I see what you mean. I think you described them perfectly. Sugar looks like a deep thinker (but, hey, she's a girl). Tatum is definitely a boy cat. Only a boy would show off naughty(less) bits so proudly.

meno said...

Can one woman really know another?

(a funny thing we say at my house all the time. Well, maybe not so funny.)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Meno- Are you speaking in the Biblical sense??

Amanda said...

Ohhh how cute are they?!