Monday, October 01, 2007

Playing with Toys... Unsucessfully

Do you want to see one of the coolest presents I got for the wedding?


Bask in it's fabulousness. I was feeling very lucky when I received it.

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Do you see how is it pretty and shiny and cranberry colored? Do you see how is is sleek and lovely and yummy? I kind of imagine it to be like a delicate little metallic wafer, it is so sleek and delicious.

What you do NOT see, however, is how it hates me.

We own two computers. TWO! I have spent quite a bit of money and time downloading all sorts of fabulous pickled herring songs onto both of them, only to have the IPod REJECT BOTH OF THEM.

Mother fucker. I am so frustrated I fantasize about smashing the delicate slice of cranberry colored fabulousness with a jackhammer. ... Strapped to a bulldozer.

It taunts me.

I have play lists, oh yes I do. But one computer apparently is not new enough, and the other computer doesn't let the IPod do anything. It may be broken. I'm not sure. Can an IPod freeze like a computer? It doesn't do much anymore. I push on buttons, and it just sits there all pretty and cranberry and whatnot, but doesn't DO anything. No more menus.

Never were any songs.

The Universe is back to its old ways.

And I am angry. Of course, I am also newly married and all happy about being in wuv, making my anger sort of Funasaurus-love-filled, thus rendering my fury a bit less... Zeus-like. And a bit more whiney.

So far, The Funasaurus is realizing married life is much like committing to a pissed-off child who needs a nap but will not take one unless you make my Ipod work oh PLEASE for the love of God make my Ipod work, and he has decided to deal with the whole thing by retreating to the nether world of the NFL in HD.

If anyone has a recommendation for making my new toy come back from the dead, or strategy for whatever Madden game The Funasaurus is playing these days, please feel free to come over. And please bring wine.


Lilycurly said...

Oh this sounds so frustrating.
I wish I could help you, but sadly, I'm as useless with them technological thingies.

My brother gave me his IPOd, and it's still got songs like "Smack That" that need to get skipped when I want to get to Tori Amos.

meno said...

Find a nine year old. They will be able to help, if you can take the humiliation.

Kaylie said...

You are using iTunes, right? Because an iPod will not sync with any other media player. If that's what is wrong it should be uber simple to download, put your songs into, and sync away. However, if that's not the case then I will ask my boyfriend (who is a mac genius ^_^) what to do about it!

Anonymous said...

Chica, the iPod can in fact crash. Press the center and Menu buttons together for several seconds until it resets.

Why don't you take your laptop and your cranberry cuteness to the Apple Store? They should be able to help you.

Erin said...

When in Apple or visit the iPod store. They are always very helpful and super nice.

sorry to hear your new toy is taunting you!

Kanigget said...

*Begin nerdiness* I will second the whole "You are using iTunes, right?" question. That's the most important step. Followed by, is your iTunes at least a version 7.4? And also, is your computer running at least Mac OS X v10.4.8 or Windows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional service pack 2 or later? If not, you can update to what you need and it should work.
(They bought you a Product Red iPod? Not only do they love you, but they also love the world. Niiice.) *End nerdiness*

Mama P said...

You make me laugh. You funny funny FUNNY.

Princess in Galoshes said...

UPDATE: The Funasaurus fixed it! Kind of! It works on HIS computer, now, anyway!

LilyCurly- I don't know what you're talking about. "Smack That" is a fine, fine musical tune.

Meno- I can take it. Please send me one.

Kaylie- Yes, I am using ITunes. But apparently my Mac is running an operating system that is too old. Because apparently two-years ago is the equivalent of the jurassic period in computer-talk.

Did your boyfriend have any hints?

Chico- Come help me buy a new computer.

Erin- That requires so much effort!

Kanigget- You're adorable. Please come be a nerd over here and fix my computer? Or, at least, install the damn OS 4.6.whatever to make it go?

Mama P- Thank you. It's a lot less funny in person, just ask The Funasaurus!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Who cares if it works or not? Its pink! Sorry, I mean "cranberry".

My mp3 player is orange. It's not an ipod because I am very cheap. But I tell people that I don't care. It's orange. Sorry, what do you mean how big is it? ITS ORANGE. How many songs can it hold? Sorry, not sure if you heard me. It's orange. Did it come with a what? No no no... O.R.A.N.G.E. Its just like when I have to explain to people that my car is black. Fuel economy? No. It's a black car.

P.S. After typing out the word orange so many times, it no longer looks like a real word to me.

Diane said...

I got my iPod a year ago, and don't know what I'd do without it . . . even though it is just white

Kaylie said...

So the problem is that the new iPods won't work on macs that are not running 10.4 os or newer. So, you either upgrade or don't use your iPod on your computer...there's no way around it.