Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Working Hard for the ...? It's Certainly Not "the Money!"

I realize I have been gone a long time, but I pass the blame entirely, straight onto work which has been a huge fucking imposition on my life, recently.

There have been many late nights and many groggy mornings, the only good result being a legitimate reason to forgo running. And The Funasaurus, being a supportive husband (HUSBAND! Tee hee) has sacrificed his running time, too, in order to sleep in with me.

Plus, it’s getting cold and dark out, and really, I didn’t need any more reasons not to run. I basically feel it’s a sign from the universe that the whole “exercise” thing was a very bad idea, indeed.

Meanwhile, our real marriage license has arrived, but I have not gone back to the Social Security office because just thinking of that place makes me shiver and my eyes tear up just a little.

I think I shall only be Princess Funasaurus, socially.

So I have absolutely no fun stories to tell you (not that that will keep me from blathering on and on) because WORK is the only thing I’ve been doing recently. Last week my monthly, bi-weekly, and random reports all happened to become due right at the same time, thus creating the Perfect Spreadsheet Storm, and my eyes! Oh, my poor, strained little eyes! Sometimes I have trouble driving home from work because they are still looking for itty-bitty formulas in itty-bitty cells and totally overlook the “DANGER! SINKHOLE! ROAD CLOSED!” signs because they are enormous and it is just TOO MUCH for my dilated little pupils.

Somewhere in all this mess, Shooting Star and I decided to go ahead and start a classics book club, because we are huge English major dorks, trying to justify our BAs. So if you live in Denver and want to re-read Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and Eugene O’Neil and such, send me an e-mail and come join our group of dorks! There will be wine! (We may be dorks, but we still appreciate a good Chianti.)


audrey said...

At first I read the last sentence of the second paragraph as "husband has sacrificed his running time, too, in order to sleep with me." And I thought "That totally counts as exercise! And it is way more fun than running!"

meno said...

Pretty much out of laziness, i never bothered to change my last name. It was much easier than any of the fussing that some of my friends had to go through.

Now i pretend that it's a political statement. :)

Yoga Gal said...

Love your choice in writers! I'll be your dork! Sad we don't work hard for any money!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Audrey- I like how you think. :-)

Meno- I will never tell. But I would not call it "laziness" so much as "self preservation." Seriously, the system is fucked.

Yoga Gal- You should so be in our book club! Maybe we can find a dork who can figure out how to webcast you in....