Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gypsy Wedding

I have been working more than I like, recently, so to let off a little steam, I met a girlfriend for drinks this evening. The bar we intended to go to, with the overpriced mojitos and overdressed playas, was closed so we ended up in this dive-y Italian place with big awnings and good salad, drinking cheap chardonnay.

I started off by complaining about how hard I have it, how the long hours, steady paychecks, and routine spreadsheets were numbing my soul, and my friend commiserated by going on about her job in a hotel, dealing with people who get irate over the toilet paper being hung in the correct direction day in and day out, and we drank many toasts to living in Scandinavia someday (she has a better chance, being Swedish and all, though I came in a close second with my Norwegian destiny) with fabulous health care and at least six weeks of vacation a year. And a progressive, healthy society.

What is wrong with the U.S.?

The heavens opened up and the rains poured, and it all felt very cozy and deep, once the chardonnay kicked in. No wonder, then, that I became riveted to a NPR interview on the way home, with the lead singer of a punk gypsy band, Gogol Bordello. The passion for music, the exotic history, the devil-may-care-about-any-moment-but-RIGHT-NOW attitude. How could I keep but a little crush from festering in my overworked, over-chardonnayed heart? The chaos of pending grad school, fourteen new bosses, and a wedding to plan collapsed as I savoured the deep Russian accent and images of handle bar mustaches. What could be more stable than a gypsy punk rocker Chernobyl survivor?

When his song, "American Wedding" came on, I lost it.

The lyrics start:
Dun a na na
Have you ever been to American wedding?
Where is the vodka?
Where is marinated herring?

Indeed! Where IS the vodka and pickled herring? Not to mention the band and "stash" that can last for days! (As he goes on to ask, in the song.) I have been pondering this all evening.

American weddings can be so... lacking. Though perhaps this is my chance to bring a whole new element to my own wedding. Heh heh. And all my guests think they're getting steak.


Ryan said...

Be careful. First a gypsy steals your heart. Then a gypsy steals your credit cards.

meno said...

Marinated herring? You know, i MAY have to be busy that day. How about some lutefisk?

Christie said...

Sounds like the Funasaurus is in for a big surprise on his wedding night, eh.

Diane said...

I have to say in my experience that the most fun weddings in America are the ethnic ones . . . I once mentioned at a Jewish wedding that I needed to look into marrying a Jewish man just so we could have such a fun wedding . . . by the time I got home from work the next evening there was a phone message from a nice fella who knew a lady who had heard me make the above statement in the ladies room at a wedding . . .

M-M-M-Mishy said...

If I ever find someone to trick into marrying me, you better believe there will be lots of vodka and moderate amounts of stash. It's what weddings are all about. Pickled herring optional.

Kanigget said...

Vodka is a staple at all the weddings in my family. We bring flasks to events that are outside the immediate circle. Truth or lie? Who knows?

I went and listened to "American Wedding" right after reading you blog. I was alternately scared and intrigued. It's going on my iPod first chance I get.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Ryan- Sadly, in that case, the joke would be on them, with my maxed out cards.

Meno- No backing out. You are my cyber maid-of-honor. I will be sure to procure some cyber lutefisk.

Christie- Mmmhmmm. heh heh.

Diane- That's funny. But I think it's true, that the best weddings are the ones where you haven't seen it all, done it all before.

Mishy- Oh, the pickled herring is requisite! But now I shall be disappointed if I ever hear you have run off and gotten hitched without the vodka and stash.

Kanigget- I like your family already! My kind of people. Meanwhile, what are you thinking of Gogol Bordello?

v said...

I heard part of that interview as well. The lead singer is indeed an interesting character. But then he sang with Madonna (he's in her upcoming directorial debut). I'm sorry, he loses points for the Madonna association.

And I say you'll rock all elements at your wedding.