Monday, October 08, 2007

There is a Severe Lack of Pink in the NFL

For someone who does not really like sports, I spent an awful lot of time at sporting events, this weekend. On Saturday we scored tickets to the Rockies games, which, for anyone living under a rock with no high speed wireless connection, was a huge deal. Because the Rockies have basically sucked for their entire existence. And so to not only make it to the playoffs, but to actually sweep the Phillies, was quite a feat.

That was fun, especially watching the very drunk guys next to us who danced on the railing, tempting death with their endless stream of Patron and horrible gyrating,

Sunday we went to the Broncos game. The Funasaurus is a die-hard fan. I am an I-like-to-go-to-the-games-when-a-free-ticket-falls-into-my-lap fan. A free ticket did appear when The Funasaurus’ best friend (with whom he has season tickets) up and went to Italy, deciding that doodling along the Mediterranean and eating copious amounts of olives and pizza was better than a football game. (I can’t say I disagree. I also can’t say I don’t like double-negatives.)

So I got his ticket, and The Funasaurus and I went along to the game, where we promptly watched the Bronco’s get their asses served to them on a silver platter. And then a platinum platter. And then a diamond-studded platter dipped in melted rubies for good measure. And then it rained on us.

It was so very Hemmingway. 41-3.


We stayed for the whole thing, and then we trudged home (in the rain) stopping at Tattered Cover on the way back to buy this book because I keep hearing amazing reviews about it, but I’m always skeptical of bestsellers. I am suspicious of their my-life-is-so-great-aren’t-you-jealous-this-didn’t-happen-to-you condescending tone.

I will let you know.


meno said...

lifting up my rock, peeking out and asking, "What is a Rocky? I thought he was a squirrel." Back under the rock.

Diane said...

What an all sports weekend! I was rooting for the Phillies, but that was a huge sweep by the Rockies. And the Chargers are my team, so that NFL debacle made me very happy. Let us know if the book is good or a pretentious pile o' poo

hamiam said...

Hemingway-esque indeed.

I kept telling Charlie Brown, "Just turn it off and finish the floor. They are losing, you are getting madder, and I want this floor done pronto!" Only I was nicer, but ya know...

Kanigget said...

Oooo, I'm so envious of your Rockies tickets. Baseball is one of the few sports I will watch voluntarily.

The bit about Hemingway? (I'm going to steal it.)

Christie said...

I hate football. My ex-husband dragged me to a Seahawk game and I actually fell asleep for 2 innings. I mean quarters. Whatever, I slept through half of it.

v said...

Well at least both your teams didn't lose. ;/ (The Yankees and Bills both lost. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to root for those teams. Still, the Bills loss was tough, I must say I feel for the current Bills fans.)

And, I believe, the NFL has the biggest female audience/fandom of any of the US major sports. Most teams actually have pink jerseys. Perhaps I've given the Funasaurus a great B-Day gift idea. Lol. ;)

v said...

PS - I, as well, share your skepticism of best sellers. But I've, also, heard a couple amazing things about that book. So I'm very interested in how it turns out. Please post a review whenever you finish it. Thanks.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Meno- The Rockies are Denver's major league baseball team. You wouldn't have heard of them until this year because they sucked so badly. But suddenly they are on an unprescendented (in the league!) winning streak, taking them to the playoffs. Which no one would have ever guessed just a month or so ago.

Diane- The Chargers are your team??? Oh, DIANE.

Ham- At least you were nice. I mercilessly continued to remind The Funasaurus of the painful loss until he drowned his sorrows in a Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Kanigget- It was actually quite fun. Especially when we sat in the restaurant and ordered food.

Christie- I would have fallen asleep if I could have gotten comfortable in that damn, itty-bitty plastic chair

V- The Bills? ooouf. I feel your pain. The book, in my opinion, is good, but not worth all the hype it's been getting, recently. (So far. I'm only about a quarter of the way into it.)