Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Royal Review

I begrudgingly admit that Eat, Pray, Love was not all bad. A little cheesey, and I little metaphor-happy, but actually pretty good. And that’s something, coming from someone (hi! Me!) who was prepared to poo-poo it.

It is exactly what you expect; if you read the summary, there are no surprises. Still, she spins a good story, and she has you seriously considering giving up your wordly possessions to go live in Bali by the end of the novel, which is always a mark of a good book, in my opinion.

It was a little longer than I expected, the pages are thin and the type is deceptively small (in that it doesn’t LOOK small, but it takes a fair amount of time [relatively] to read one page, and you have a headache after each reading… [either that, or I’ve just been spending too much time with my Excel spreadsheets, recently,]) but I kind of like that. I feel like a lot of modern literature is written for our ADD culture, it’s all quick and wit is crammed into every sentence so that the developmental editor can then pare down the minimalist story still further until only the witty bones are left because that’s all the time any ADD reader has to devote to the story. Sometimes I think a little meandering character background is endearing. And it makes you work for it. Kind of like a Jane Austen novel. There’s a lot of drivel, to finally get to the love story that was meant to be, by the end of the book. But the drivel quietly endears you to a character, and by the end, you truly feel like you’ve gone on quite a journey with the character, and are truly invested in their prudish, 19th century English love.

Not that Eat, Pray, Love was prudish or 19th century. No, it was very me, me, me, why don’t you love me, NOW, but it moved at a good place and really told you enough about the setting that you became invested, and I liked that.

And… I’m done. Pass the chardonnay.

Meanwhile The Funasaurus and I have scored tickets to the World Series, despite the debacle you may have read about, because we qualified to get tickets a day early on Sunday, because we were technically season ticket holders, for buying our little 25-game-pack! Hooray! Sitting through those long days of intense sunlight and overpriced beer were worth it! I’m going to a Very Important Game! Go Kaz Matsui (I have no idea if I spelled that right. But I dearly love saying his name.)

We also saw a play this weekend. (Go culture!) It was billed as a “haunting thriller” though since there was a severe lack of ghosts, blood, and Things That Make You Jump, we deemed it not at all a “haunting thriller” so much as a “talky, well-acted dark drama with a Very Naked Dude in it” (hello, limp penis!) And also “some Christ-y-action.”

Today Is The Funasaurus’ birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY, even though you no longer read this! I love you very much, and also it totally was me who ate the last ice cream sandwich, but I think it’s funny that you think you did and didn’t notice. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Mwah.


audrey said...

You scored world series tickets? I know a few people who are frustratingly trying to get some right this minute (in fact, I think a number of the computers around this office are set to that countdown page, patiently waiting and hoping that THIS TIME when the number reaches 0 they'll be allowed to get tickets) who would be VERY jealous of you. Which game do you get to go to? Have lots of fun!

hamiam said...

The Boss' ex just scored tix to the World Series for their families (yes, quite possibly the most amicable divorce Ev.ER) today - it was funny to watch and hear as they called each other with the play by plays of the online ticket seller.

And you, my dear, are funny as always.

Leah said...

Okay, I am TOTALLY jealous that you have World Series tickets and we do not. In the debacle on Monday, Jason got through, picked out his tickets, went to check out, and he was kicked out. And today--nothing. Hope you guys have fun, though!

And Happy Birthday, Funasaurus!

meno said...

A man who will not remember if he ate the last ice cream sandwich and assume it was him?

Keep this man, forever!

Diane said...

Throw something stinky at Manny Ramirez for me, will ya?

(Not that I'm bitter about the Sox beating the Angels)

Marcia said...

I'm so jealous of your tickets! I'm going to sit here in NYC and watch and be the only person in the damn city not cheering for the east coast team. Oh well.

Everyone seems to be reading Eat Pray Love - and I just can't bring myself to do it.

Mama P said...

Okay, I seriously think you should consider Ebaying those tickets. Oh, the money you'd make! And you'd miss the crowds. And with the cash you can buy buckets and buckets of ice cream sandwiches. Just saying.

Nice review of the book, btw. I agree with you on most everything. (not that it wouldn't be a good review if I disagreed. I just happened to agree. Rambling now...)

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Happy birthday to the funasaurus... world series tickets sound like a great b-day gift.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Audrey- We're going to Sunday's game. Although after last night's... DISASTER, I am less excited than I was.

Ham- Wow, that is the only peaceful divorce story I've ever heard. Seriously. I know lots of people who SAY they want an amicable divorce, but it's kind of an oxymoron, you know?

Leah- Sorry to hear you had to deal with the ticket sales debacle. That sounded hideous. I don't know if we would have tried so hard if we weren't able to get in early.

Meno- Hee hee, I know, SCORE, right?

Diane- Consider it done. ;-)

Marcia- It's not necessary to read. Just if your bored. I imagine it would be good for a long plane flight.

MamaP- After last night, Ebay is sounding like a very viable option. And the book wasn't quite worth the hype, was it?

Mishy- Yes! Great idea! Even though The Funasaurus is the one who actually got the tickets, perhaps I will say they are his birthday present. Go me!

Mama P said...

Can I link you at some point in Babycenter? I like your Eat Pray Love review. Thanks!