Thursday, October 25, 2007

Variations on the Theme: Sleep

The Funasaurus is away on a business trip, and while I am sad and miss him very much, Sugar and Tatum are like, “SCORE! MORE BED FOR US WITH NO FEAR OF BEING SMUSHED IN THE NIGHT!” and have laid claim to about 99% of the covers, leaving me in a very awkward position in the corner, not daring to move lest I disturb their delicate, sleeping selves. How two cats that weigh less than eight pounds a piece are able to take up an entire queen bed is entirely beyond me. But they do it. And sometimes it is not enough space, because I had to wake up twice to remove a determined Tatum jaw from Sugar’s squealing head because apparently she was in the exact spot that he wanted to be.

We have also recently acquired DVR, and I am slowly learning the wonders that are “FAST FORWARD! THROUGH THE COMMERCIALS!” My sister-in-law had to remind me, at every single commercial break, that, “You know, you can skip this if you want,” and I would remember I had awesome power to fast forward the TV.


Screw you, Downy, Viagra, and Comcast! I shall never be bored to tears with your drivel, again.


That’s all I got. I’ve been working a lot, recently. Again. On the other hand, I have somehow managed to squeeze in a nap two out of the last three days in the middle of my work week, so I guess I can’t complain. Having my own office does have its benifits.


Lilycurly said...

You know, I'm surprised that I don't have the same problem with my cats.
Atfer all, they *know* they are the royals in the house.
But when I go to sleep, I move very little, and so the kitties position themselves around my sleeping form. And there is room for everyone and no fear of being crushed.

audrey said...

I once housesat for some cats that fought all the freaking time. And really didn't like to allow people to sleep. I would always wake up to hissing and that weird cat-growl thing in the middle of the night. Drove me crazy.

hamiam said...

DVR's rule, huh?

Naps? At work? You are a princess, a clever one indeed.

meno said...

I have two 13 pound cats. They alone can take up an entire queen-sized bed. Good thing they're so cute.

Leah said...

Ugh, when Daisy and Oscar sleep with us, Jason and I sleep horribly. They seem to gain 100 pounds when they are sleeping and are impossible to move. Add that to the fact that they have to be RIGHT up against you (one on each side), it makes for a rough night (at least for me--I am a tosser and a turner).

Yoga Gal said...

Nap are glorious things!