Thursday, October 04, 2007

Getting Ideas

Thanks to everyone for your input on my IPod dilemma. It is now working, though only from The Funasaurus' computer. And I have remembered to bring it on our morning jog exactly ZERO times, because my brain is just not functioning that early in the morning (and by "early" I mean, 7:30, sometimes 7:45...we're getting lazy) and it's not part of my routine, yet.

Plus, the first thing I downloaded was a bunch of early riverboat jazz, and the calliope sound just doesn't seem quite like hard-core running tunes. It's more like a drink-mint-julips-until-your-eyes-bubble-with-happiness-as-you-sit-in-a-rocker-on-a-large-front-porch sound.

The Funasaurus and I have taken our newlywed status straight to... the guest room closet, which we have slowly been cleaning out (the college backpacks went, the dancing hamsters were kept) in preparation for The Funasaurus' sister and her boyfriend to move in with us this weekend. They are going to be here for two to four months while their house is being built, and we decided we should probably give them a bit of space to hang some clothes.

We found a bunch of random stuff while purging, besides TWO dancing hamsters, we also found a Miller Lite tap handle from the old Coors stadium, which brought out a certain nostaligic twinke in The Funasaurus' eye, especially considering how well the Rockies are doing right now, an electronic whoopee cushion, complete with remote control, (kept that!) an unbelieveable quantity of gently-used gift bags that I just couldn't bear to throw away, knowing that my friends had paid $4.99 just for the nice presentation of a gift, and a blond wig from last year's Halloween. (The Funasaurus wore it.) Which brings up the ever-pertinent question, what are we going to do this year?

Any suggestions? I will give you lots of kisses if you can think up a clever costume for us. We like the homemade variety, no store bought stuff, we need it to look very ghetto. But also very fabulous.

Much like Kermit and Piggy from last year.

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Lilycurly said...

I have no idea to offer at the moment, because all this talk of Halloween costumes just reminded me that I still haven't decided wether to go as a Geisha or a Naughty Witch (de-naughti-zed for the daycare of course).
But I will get back to you if I find homemade/gettho costume

Leah said...

Oh, we need to think of something too, so I may stalk the ideas from your readers and steal one.

Diane said...

OMG! Great costumes. For this year I suggest a brick, and a bricklayer

meno said...

Two little old ladies.

A can of silver hairspray and a visit to the Goodwill store for sweaters and glasses chains.

I should post the pictures of the time the Mister and i did this.

Lilycurly said...

I just received our local Hallooween's store adverts.

For couples, they have a set of costumes of....get this....male and female pieces of a power plug. *rolls eyes*
With of course the important bits strategically placed. (This is the best I can explain this

Princess in Galoshes said...

Lily Curly- Oooh, I like the naughty witch idea!

Leah- Let me know if you come up with anything fabulous. I thought The Incredibles were pretty awesome, myself.

Diane- Brick? I could do brick. The question is can I do SEXY brick?

Meno- Hee hee. Little old ladies! I love it. PLEASE post pictures!

Lily- DIRTY power plugs!

Mama P said...

I have a home made crocodile outfit. If you want, I'll mail it to you. I'll even pay for shipping since I'm that good. But you owe me red velvet cake one day. My email if you want photos of it is I figure your man can go as Peter Pan. Or a clock.

Christie said...

How did you trick him into wearing that? I would have to slip my husband roofies to get any type of girl get-up on him. And he would make such a pretty girl, too. Except for the 5 o'clock shadow.