Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend in Review

This was a busy weekend. Saturday morning I went to the store, because I had to get a prescription filled. I went "early" (I find the phrase "early in the morning" [especially on the weekend] a somewhat redundant statement) because we had two baby showers and a Broncos game to get to that afternoon. There are a surprising amount of people at the grocery store on Saturday mornings!

That was slightly unfortunate for me, who was hoping for a world full of sleeper-inners, like myself, because I wanted a little privacy. On top of the prescription, I was also supposed to get over-the-counter medicine for my little issue, which is not, unfortunately, the most princess-like medical issue. Hence, I *really* did not want anyone to see me shopping for aforementioned over-the-counter stuff. So I strolled up and down the aisle casually, all, "I am certainly shopping for tiaras and jewels. Don't those fall under the category of 'feminine products'?" whenever someone (and there were wretchedly awful LOT of someones!) came by.

Then, on to the two baby showers. Whee-whoo. For someone who is not really at a "liking babies in any way" phase of her life, that was a crapload of showers. The first shower was very, very PINK. Now, I normally adore pink. I personally own a lot of pink junque. But not frilly, baby-bottle decorated pink.

No, my pink is more along the line of "flask," and "lingerie."

So we played some silly games, which are basically a required event at parties that are that PINK. My table (which included The Funasaurus, who was QUITE the trooper, I must say, for attending a "co-ed" PINK baby shower, esp. since almost every other male invited [besides the father-to-be] found an excuse not to come, a la, "I would love to, but I already have plans to drive nails through my eyeballs this afternoon... bummer!") cheated horribly, and we won some very nice chocolate as a reward, so that helped.

Baby shower #2 was a cocktail party. ROCK ON. That was a Good Time, actually, esp. since we only stayed for 45 minutes before The Funasaurus deemed it "plenty of face-time" with the pregnant coworker and her husband, so we chugged the last of our (very large!) glasses of chardonnay and went to the football game.

Going to the game was SWEET, because The Funasaurus is a smarty pants, and works for a fancy-schmancy law firm, who has fancy-schmancy BOX SEATS for schmoozing with rich clients, which they let the lowly associates use in preseason. So when people would say, "Oh, I hope it doesn't rain on you," I could be all, "Oh, whatever. It doesn't matter to me. I am in the box. With air conditioning and wine." (I mean, duh. Naturally. Where else would a princess sit?)That was awesome. So we stayed until the bitter end, even though the Broncos had obviously beat the Titans like they STOLE something, before even halftime.

Sunday was a very mellow, mellow day. We saw Accepted. If you take it in the spirit of "mindless summer movie," it was actually pretty funny, and we felt our $5 tickets were money well-spent. (YEAH, matinee.)

Now I'm back at work.

Dear Monday,

I hate you.

Princess G.

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meno said...

Baby showers require alcohol and ear plugs to block the screaming.
"Oh that's SO CUTE!"
Hope the non-princess issue clears up.