Friday, August 18, 2006

Sweet Indulgence

I am a very interesting topic. At least, to me. I love to hear about myself (hmmm... perhaps why I am posting a journal on the internet? [interesting tidbit: I recently learned that "blog" is short for "weblog", am I the only person left on the www who didn't know that?]) and I love inflicting myself on other people.


So naturally, I am a sucker for those surveys that come along as a forwarded message in e-mail every now and then. The ones that have anywhere from 20-100 questions, depending on how much time the creator had. And they range in everything from "Have you ever been kissed?" (methinks creator was perhaps prepubescent? You don't ask a question like that if the answer is "no." So creator HAS been kissed. However, this is not really epically huge news unless it is, like, A New Thing, and also, You Are Young because what 33 year old is going to be like, "oh, me! Me!" [picture arm waving in the air, other arm supporting it to get it higher] "I HAVE JUST BEEN KISSED, FINALLY. JOY. Now I will announce it in this e-mail.") to "favorite bar," which, it seems, is more directed at the 21 and up crowd.

However, sometimes I feel the creators (12 or 24) are slightly unimaginative. "Favorite season?" Please. Odds are one out of four people will agree with you on that one. So I like to switch 'em up a bit. I like to fill the surveys out, but I really don't think anyone cares that I prefer fall over summer, and so therefore I change those kinds of questions to something I think my friends WOULD want to know. Some of my preferred variations have been, "Craziest place you had sex," "juiciest secret you were ever told," "dream vacation," "amount of alcohol it'd take for you to kiss me," "best mixed-drink recipe", and "best sex scene in a book." (Pattern? What pattern? I don't know what you're talking about.) I feel many of these answers could be beneficial. Who WOULDN'T want to see a list of good, literary sex scenes? I am always looking for a good read. And sex is always a bonus. Most recently, I read Troll: A Love Story. And while, erm, different, the sex scenes were interesting.

In fact, please feel free to leave good reading material in a comment.

Also: feel free to leave ideas for new, better questions to those e-mail surveys in a comment. We could revolutionize forwards, here, folks!

In the spirit of learning all about yourself, I am a sucker for on-line psychology tests.

Here is a good one to find out just what special brand of crazy you are.

Here's a good one to find out what you think of yourself, vs. what your friends think of you. (Bonus: it's interactive.)

In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend! I may just indulge and buy myself some horrid, new, pop-psychology book. I mean, isn't buying books really one of the most indulgent things you can ever do? Especially at a yummy, local bookstore? Between Amazon and libraries (big fan, btw, please go support your local library. I plan on being a hot librarian, someday, and we need to keep the system alive so I can fulfill that dream, o.k.???) there really is no reason to buy a book at full price at the Tattered Cover. Except that it's an experience unto itself, you're buying the pleasure of the atmosphere (and supporting local economy!) so it's self-indulgence for a good cause.

You go, girl.

Oh I WILL go, thank you very much. I will go straight to the bookstore. In my horse and carriage. aka my Honda Civic.


Commitmentphobe said...

Oh Jesus, can I tear myself away already!!!
I can swear on this thing, right? I need a Miss Manners for "web-logs"

meno said...

Just stopping to look around, but i will be back. This looks like a fun read.
I used to live in Woodland Park. See, there's always a connection.

Marcia said...

AH! You've made me miss the Tattered Cover! I'm going to have to get my butt back to Colorado some time soon!

v said...

Marse is right, this is a pretty good blog.


librarian pirate said...

(hi! PinkShoe's sister in over from her blog) You're going to be a librarian too? Or are you just a fan? Because libraries are cool!

These were all over the library blogs a few months back, so you've probably heard all about them, but do you know about the
bad sex in fiction award? Super fun and super hysterical!

And I agree with Marcia - I miss the Tattered Cover! My favorite branch just closed!