Thursday, August 10, 2006

Starting Off on the Right Foot

I am starting a blog. (duh)

In honor of it being all public, and whatnot, I decided to, whattheheck, run the spell check as I was creating my name, just to make sure I had spelled "galoshes" correctly. Being that it's not a word I type everyday.

Good thing I did.

The spellcheck came back with, "Priceless in Goulashes." As in, "There is no cost associated with being covered in Hungarian stew." Which would have been awesome in its own right, but not quite the effect I was going for.

Thus, it was changed. And I am now the Princess in Galoshes, which sums up my attitude vs. financial/practical reality pretty accurately, if I do say so myself.

I am currently in a good space in life, engaged, working for a job I actually care about, and in touch with the folks I want to be in touch with. So I intend to write about it all, in painful, [can I follow a hyphen with a parenthesis in this case???] that is a story in its own right)-would-actually-read-this-in-its-entirety-but-whatever-because-this-blog-is-mine-y-mine-mine-mine!

And thus I spake.


Marcia said...

:) Good start!

Commitmentphobe said...

So, I hate blogs. Well, I can't say "hate," as I'm not even familiar with them nad have never read one until a few bored moments ago, but I do think they're dumb and a waste of time. And then I found Princess, and I read a little, and thought, shit, this is pretty funny. And I found myself wanting to follow all the links, and read just a little more...maybe just the next paragraph, and then get back to work? And when I accidentally shut off my web browser when my boss walked by, and I couldn't breath, and I realized (not only is this possibly the longest sentence I've ever written) that this blog was Crack--more so than the, which, even being a wedd-i-phobe, I found seductive!!! Oh-My-God!!! I'm hooked. I'm going to loose my job, because I will be reading this...this...BLOG.
Wow, this is what you were meant for, Princess--in addition of course to tending goats in the lavender wilds of a Provence hillside (with your wireless laptop...???)

I LOVE YOU! and I want to know more about S&M...:)

PS. I wanted a really cool sign-off caviat (uh, YEAH, spell checker!), but I can't even think of a name. Can I change it next time, or do I have to commit to it?