Thursday, April 03, 2008

Looking For: SPF and Juicy Novels, Not in that Order

It’s Dress Thursday! I am wearing my long skirt, although it took me a half a day to get here. (Long story summary: wanted to jog, was a big pansy because it was cold, finally went around lunchtime, then got around to, you know, showering and putting on clean [dress!] clothes.) I don’t have a picture, yet. That would involve waiting for my camera battery to charge, and then going through the process of getting it taken, loaded on to my computer, and then to my blog. It could be hours, people.

The weather’s doing wonky things, with all of its GREY SKIES! SUNSHINE! SNOW! KEEP GUESSING, SUCKA FOOL!-ness, recently. Which I don’t really care about, except for my jogging aspirations: see above, and my skiing aspirations, see: this weekend. Please, everyone else who’s gotten to ski all year long, don’t go this weekend. Let me have a little fun without the four hour commute up I-70. (Anyone else hear the little snort of laughter coming from the universe?)

The Funasaurus is working hard, Sugar is high on feathers, Tatum is chasing air, and I am going stir-crazy. Things are quickly back to normal, after The Funasaurus’ return. Now we are just looking forward to our honeymoon, and in preparation for my blindingly-white skin to meet the Caribbean sun, I purchased not one, but TWO hats on-line, today. One from THIS company, and one from THIS. These are good places to get affordable hats. Also, straw purses, should you be in to such things. I am not.

I also need to look into sunscreen SPF 80-million or so. Any suggestions on good sunscreen? Preferably, the kind in a squirt bottle, because I am four-years-old like that?

And while I’m soliciting suggestions, I also need reading material. I am looking for: Not Sad Things. I like happy endings. I like romance and chick lit, and I have not read either in quite a long time (not counting my tryst with Emily what’s-her-face from two days ago; that was just poor judgment on my part) and am looking for QUALITY along with the cheese and lust, please. I feel like that is a lot to ask for. It shouldn’t be. Get on it, you writers out there. You know who you are.


meno said...

For a good trashy novel try "If His Kiss is Wicked" by Jo Goodman.

I wouldn't personally know because i only read classics of course, but i heard once it was pretty fun.

Pauline said...

Ok - get NO-Ad 50 Sport Sunblock (my dermatologist recommended it. I've had a number of precancerous lesions and can't be exposed to the sun without wearing this so I know it works). Then get A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo and The Rug Merchant by Meg Mullins, and Anne Lamott's Crooked Little Heart and have a wonderful time!

John In Colorado said...

anne lamott is a mind blower. good stuff. haven't read crooked little heart, tho.
weather has been sucky around here this week. tomorrow and saturday should be good riding or running or skiing days.

Diane said...

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg

I wore a skirt to jury duty today!

Diane said...

Ok, my book suggestion lacks lust, but is funny and happy and life affirming, and includes at the end recipes for the food mentioned in the book

Melissa said...

Wish I had some suggestions for you. But seeing as I STILL don't have any of my books, I can't seem to remember a single book that I currently own and enjoyed reading. The only one I can remember is Water for Elephants. Not sure if it's what you are in the mood for but I thoroughly enjoyed it. When is said Honeymoon?!?!

Anonymous said...

try Banana Boat Ultra Defense. It's new and quite amazing. I just got back from Cabo and didn't burn at all. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you sticky or smelly.

I read Can you keep a secret by Sophie Kinsella. She wrote the Shopolholic series. Pretty funny. Good beach read.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Meno- Thanks! I will put in on my Amazon wish list!

Pauline- No-Ad 50, huh? I've never heard of it, but I will go puruse the grocery store options, tomorrow. And A Little Love Story sounds promising!

John- Are you riding your bike today? You should be. It's sunny and gorgeous, and I'm quite sure all the snow is rapidly melting off the moutain for skiing tomorrow. Sigh.

Diane- Life affirming + recipes = good enough for me!!!

Mel- We leave at the end of April. How soon do you think your stuff will get there?

Anon- Thanks! I will check all of those out. I've heard of the Shopoholic series, and have been curious, but I am worried it'll be too cheesy. What did you think?

Anonymous said...

Ms. P/I/G

I read the Shopoholic series a few years ago. I don't remember the series being overly cheesy. I found myself laughing out loud and rooting for the heroine. Go to the library and give it a shot. You won't be committed to the book if you don't like it.