Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dead Flowers and Lint

I skied on Sunday, and I will say the conditions were perfect. I will not say that my 67-year-old mother kicked my ass going down the hill because that would just be embarrassing.

After a glorious (!) day of skiing, I got home and fell asleep for two hours. This, following Saturday, when I went out for cupcakes with two girlfriends and bought a bouquet of daffodils for myself on the way home, which are pretty much my favoritest flower, ever. It was an awesome weekend, despite the fact that the daffodils did not quite… open up like I had hoped.


Sad, sad little repressed daffodils. I’m going to see if I can trade them in.

Meanwhile, one of our ever-ass-ohilic cats has figured out it’s fun to climb behind our washer and dryer and slash our dryer tube with their gnarly little devil-claws, and when that didn’t bring a big of enough of a lint storm for their furry little hatefulness, they managed to pull the tube out completely from the back of our dryer. Thus sending all the lint all over the laundry room and the whole place has become one big lint trap IT’S DISGUSTING.

So I have been hang-drying our clothes for the past week, which is a TOTAL BLAST let me tell you, and also The Funasaurus prefers his towels not-stiff-and-bristly, thanks anyway. But I don’t know who to call. The warranty is just up (naturally). Is there such a thing as a dryer repair man? Do I call Home Depot? Do I call GE, the makers of my dryer? I feel dumb enough I have decided to ignore the problem and just make The Funasaurus suffer through another round of crackly sheets. He would be much obliged if you all have any suggestions.

At least it’s 70 degrees today, and the snow is gone! Hooray!


Tim the CAT said...

dryer vent: piece of cake to replace. you can go to home depot and buy a replacement - you'll probably only need a screwdriver to install the new one. maybe find one that would be a bit more cat claw proof? eeeeeeeeeeeeasy. is that something that funbagasaurus could do?
heck, i'm a cat and i could do it. and i will if you need help.
get those daffydills replaced.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tim-Cat. If you can, bring the dryer vent with you and the person in the orange apron will help you. It's also going to be your cheapest option.

In southern CA we have 1-800-Appliance. They'll go to your home and fix whatever it is. For a nominal fee, of course.

Diane said...

I second Tim and Anon

Random Musings Of My Life said...

What a fun day... I love the flowers too....

Anonymous said...

If you're not feeling "handy" go for an appliance repair man. My half-assed google search is here:


It's long but just copy paste.

Lily said...

Can't help you on the dryer, because I know nothing about the repairing and replacing of anything. But it seems like you've got plenty of advice from everyone else anyway...
Your cats are eviiiil!:P
Timine tried once to gnaw on an electrical cord and lost a small part of his tongue in the process. poor, poor baby. All my appliances were left un-damaged after that little incident.
I know I should look at and mourn the sad Daffodils, but I'm just mesmerized by the pretty blue vase holding them...I like!

Tink said...

I think you need to appease the angry cat gods with catnip. ;)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Tim- Sadly, it's not the dryer vent. It's the aluminum hose behind the dryer, which we cannot get to. But at least I got my flowers replaced!

Anon- oooh, I like the idea of 1-800-Applicance!

Diane- Except it's not the vent. :-(

Random- Thanks, but I got better ones.

DLPanther- Thanks! I will check that out.

Lily- Oh! Poor Timine. :-( At least he learned his lesson! We got the vase as a wedding present, I think it came from colonial Williamsburg.

Tink- Interesting. Where should I make my offering?

can't give up said...