Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I'm Totally O.K. with Going Somewhere Warmer

This morning we woke up to this:


And This:


These pictures are dark not because I was up that early, but because IT'S STILL COMING DOWN and my camera kind of freaked out when I tried to focus on the snowflakes because there were SO MANY. And so. You know. I’m kind of OVER the whole snow-thing. What with it being April and all. Except I think now I might go skiing again this weekend, so HEY DENVER FOLKS! Thanks for actually staying off the roads last weekend. That was really awesome. Can I get a repeat?

Having near-blizzard conditions on this gloomy spring day did not deter me from Dress Thursday, though! No no, the revolution must go on! (Though the revolution now includes a long-sleeved t-shirt that was not originally part of the plan.)


I am nowhere near as happy or as high as I look in this picture, but hey, I fake it well. And I am fantasizing about the Caribbean even more than before. Which brings me back to the topic of sunscreen. Because I think I get a slight flush when I even THINK about UV rays. One of my hats has arrived. I don’t look great in it, but I it’s more function over form, at this point. I’ll take pictures when there are two.

Even last weekend when I went skiing, and applied copious amounts of SPF 50+ multiple times AND wore goggles AND wore a hat that came down to said-goggles, AND also a neck warmer that I had pulled up over my nose, I still managed to get my telltale freckling that happens when I do anything except stay inside a shady house with the blinds drawn all day long. My freckles are not… cute. There are no “angel kisses.” No, it’s more like the freckle fairy beat me with his bully club, and there’s a ring around the exterior of my eye that kind of looks like the black eye from a bar fight is finally healing, except, WAIT! If you get a little closer there’s kind of some freckly-splotchyness going on, there.

I’m going to look awesome after a week on the beach. But I don’t care, The Funasaurus is already stuck with me, and I'm determined to get my money's worth in umbrella drinks.


Mimi said...

Awww, Spring time in the Rockies, how I miss it sometimes! You wouldn't consider packing some of that in dry ice and bringing it with you for me, would you? My brother, was about as happy about it as you were.

Happy belated Birthday!

Diane said...


Christie said...

You dislike the snow yet you moved to Colorado. Sounds like the best plan.

I don't have a face full of freckles, but I do get one, just one, on the tip of my nose. It looks like a liver spot, but it's not. Just my ONE freckle. It is so ugly.

Leah said...

Ugh, I forgot it was skirt Thursday! I wish I was going to a warm island......

No TV yet, we watched AI on our little TV in our bedroom. But it was better than nothing!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Yeah for summer time.. I live not far from you and CRIED when I saw the snow.. what did we do to mother nature to HATE us so?

Ramblin' Red said...

Christie, lol, that's funny.

It's not the snow. Or that it's April and there's snow, but rather we keep getting TEASED with spring here in CO. Mother Nature keeps saying, "Oh look, flowers...psych!" Winter just needs to give up gracefully and relinquish his gropey hold on Mother Earth.

Princess, I feel you. I almost cried this morning. I too participated in Dress Thursday, again (but the last time I couldn't bring myself to share the picture, I was bloated and PMS'ing last week!)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Mimi- Ha, I'd LOVE to send some of this to you. It's ridiculous.

Diane- You should come! It will be fun!

Christie- I like snow when I'm skiing. Just not so much when I'm trying to drive to the grocery store in April. Bummer about the freckle, though. Is there a picture?

Leah- You're forgiven. Just don't forget next week. Here's hoping the TV comes in, soon!

Random Musings- At least we are all in this together. Thanks for stopping by!

Red- Whatever, I don't buy the bloated thing. You look so cute! And I am DIGGING the highlights! So jealous.