Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Easy with the Credit Card, Cowgirl

I had a fabulous weekend. Between fine dining, pedicures, and shopping my little consumerist heart nearly burst with glee. I am doing my part to stimulate the economy, oh yes I am.

The Funasaurus and I went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall over the weekend. It was good, there was a lot of gratuitous shlong, but it was pretty funny. The plot was trite and predictable, but there was some good physical comedy and it made both of us just that much more anxious to get to somewhere tropical quickly.

Happily, we have only about 61 and a half hours to go… but who’s counting.

Since we went to the theater without having looked up movie times first, we had about an hour to kill before our show. So I took The Funasaurus shopping, which he loved. (read: no he did not.) But I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my purse, and The Funasaurus needed things for the honeymoon. He thinks I have turned this trip into a reason to go on a spending spree, and, o.k., maybe a little, but also I do not think he fully grasps the concept of: we do not live near a beach. Our wardrobes need expansion. Because so help me, I do not think he will be happy wearing his wool pants from work suits to dinner where “resort formal” is required. Pants, in Funasaurus world, are either a) jeans b) the bottom half of work suits c) ratty shorts that one can play grass volleyball in and not care about ensuing stains.

So I took it upon myself to get him new shorts, new polo shirts, (hey, it can be used for the one day a year that he golfs, too!) new swim suit, (he only had one. I know he will thank me for that second pair after a week at the beach) and new shoes. Because patent leather doesn’t cut it in the Caribbean.

Hmmm. Speaking of. Maybe I need new shoes, too. There’s still 61 hours of purchasing time.


meno said...

gratuitous shlong?

I am there.

You definately need more shoes. The economy nees you.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Well I leave for vacation in 4 weeks and I have a suitcase FULL of shoes already and I MUST stay away from the mall.....
But I profess you can never have too many shoes!!
I do the same thing to my hubby too, he says "the holes are from battery acid, no one is going to care that my shorts have holes in them..."
Good luck!

Mama P said...

I hope you have a great trip and take lots of pics. YOU ARE FUNNY.

mOrris thE CaT said...

have a blast on your trip. enjoy. i'll look forward to reading.
when you shop, buy some cheese for me

Pauline said...

I hope you have every bit as much fun on your trip as I've had reading about your preparations here! I've never known anyone to have to many shoes...

Melissa said...

Doesn't everyone know that when you go on a vacation you are required to spend almost as much as you did on the trip for cute clothes and shoes to take with you? I thought it was common knowledge.

Hope you have a fabulous time my dear!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Drink a fruity alcoholic concoction for me!

Diane said...

I fully endorse your philosophy.

BTW - I am screwing up dress Thursday, badly. The last 2 weeks I have worn skirts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, only to wear pants on Thursday.

Elizabeth Cobb Durel said...

where are you going for your honeymoon? Husband and I went to St. Lucia for ours in February and LOVED it! And yes, pre-honeymoon shopping is imperative. Have fun fun fun!

Christie said...

This is just reason 1265 why Jay never wants to go on vacations. It just gives me yet another reason to spend more money. Which he hates. He likes it all in the bank, collecting dust. Unless he needs another piece of geeky computer equipment. Then he whips out the credit card like an 18 year old at the strip club.