Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clarification and Variations on Yesterday's Pictures

Dress Thursday is tomorrow! Be ready! I sure am not! Stupid Colorado weather. Yesterday, I went for my jog (ha ha, the old lady who passed me with her walker thinks the term “jog” might be a bit strong) and I was sweating profusely by the time I got back because it was EIGHTY degrees. SO HOT. I was dying, and also loving it, and before collapsing from heat exhaustion, I vowed to break out the t-shirt and shorts for today’s run.

Naturally, it is fucking snowing again.

So anywhos, thank you all for your helpful suggestions for fixing my lint filter. Sadly, it is not my lint filter that is broken. It is still working fine, as far as I know. What’s broken is the hose behind the dryer that is supposed to blow all the excess lint out behind the house. It is not only slashed by kitty claws, but also completely unattached to my dryer, as you can see by figure A:


I was literally up to my elbows in lint to take this picture. It is so gross. Dust busting and vacuuming tonight, wheeee!

The problem is that the dryer is a) really frickin’ heavy b) wedged so tightly in beside the (equally heavy) washer that it is never coming out. What I need is a repairman with exceptionally long arms. So far, DLPanther, Google has been supremely unhelpful as far as that goes.

In happier news, I totally traded in my flowers, and while they are not quite daffodils, they are Very Yellow and, even better, Alive.


(I still love me some commas.)

If anyone is looking for a florist recommendation for some good, affordable table flowers in Denver, let me know. I have a great recommendation.


Christie said...

Silly kitties! When my dryer was getting ready to die, I called Sears and they sent someone out. And I hadn't bought it there either.

email me your email address and I will add you to my goodreads page. It's listed on my blog profile. Yeah, another book friend!

Diane said...

Those are lovely lilies . . .

Besides moving the dryer that is an easy fix. A length of that silver tubing and maybe the clasp to attach it, though the old one is probably still good.

tim the toolcAt cat said...

technically, that is still the dryer vent. and that is the vent hose. and it is eeeeeeeeeeasy to fix. and i have really long arms. the process: purchase replacement at home depot, grab screwdriver, muscle out the dryer, reattach the hose, muscle it back, strangle the ugly cat, adopt me, done. (commas! and i don't care if i used them correctly)
my story doesn't change.
i think i saw a mouse back there. and cheese, too.

Leah said...

Me me, I need a good florist recommendation. I need some for this Saturday!!

Ramblin' Red said...

Our dryer hose comes undone periodically. They sell them at Home Depot. If you are as clueless as I am about re-fitting it on, call an appliance repair outfit - Sears type folks are good!

As for the flowers - CUTE.

Also, I buy flowers at Sam's Club (always super pretty and cheep, cheep, cheep....yse I know that's the wrong way)

Lily said...

Tim the Toolcat, you should never, ever say words like "strangle the ugly cat" to a cat lover, even less if it's about her beloved babies. Even if it's said 100% as a joke, we kitty-mommies don't take joke like that very well.
Just saying!:P

Cat, the lilies are beautiful! I think I'll go buy myself a few fresh flowers...thank god we haven't got snow here anymore.

Melissa said...

Purdy flowers! BTW, your cats are crazy!!!!