Friday, July 27, 2007

Part of Your World

The Little Mermaid was awesome. Whether you love Disney, or hate Disney, or question Disney, or have been scarred by Disney-related things, you can't not love the song Under the Sea. I'm sorry, but if you don't like the hot crustacean band, then you are just lame.

And Broadway did not disappoint. The lead female who played Ariel is a Denver native (shout out to my D-town peeps, yo) which is why the show opened here, before it goes back to New York. And she was a dead-on for the Disney character, even her facial features fit the part, not to mention her strong yet ethereal voice. The costuming and sets were unbelievable. How many live theater performances have you been to where an entire ship, complete with half-shirtless crew, raises and lowers from the ceiling? The vocals were all stunning. Ursula seemed a little constrained by her enormous costumes, but whatever, the costumes were awesome. The ending was a little abrupt, but they switched it up, slightly, which was nice because the first 9/10 of the production were straight from the movie.

If you live in Colorado, you must go.

If you don't live in Colorado, that sucks.

And after that brief review, I must get back to work. This responsibility stuff is crap.


Christie said...

Was Ursala scary? Because my daughter won't go if she was super scary.

At least you can clock out of responsibility at 5:00. Once you have kids, there is no time clock. They own you forever. And they like to start early and end late, and then wake you up in the middle of the night when they pee the bed. Then they go to sleep in your cozy bed while you change the sheets, febreeze everything in sight, re-make the bed, and then pick up their sleeping butts to put them back in bed. Man, I love being a mom.

Diane said...

I took my niece many years ago to see the Disney on Ice version of the Little Mermaid

hamiam said...

I SOOOO want to go now...but like Christie, the Ursula constraint reigns in my daughter's heart - she's scared of her in the animated, totally unreal version. long is it running here again?

M-M-M-Mishy said...

You had me at "half-shirtless crew".

Leah said...

I am so glad to hear that it was good. I can't wait to go! Good for the Funasauras to go with you. I couldn't convince Jason to go!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Chrsistie - Sadly (for me, not so sadly for your daughter) I felt Ursula was the weakest link. She wasn't that scary, and her voice was too pretty to be considered "evil" or even "rough." And there wasn't much of a battle at all at the end. Someone grabbed the trident from her, and then all was well and she kinda disappeared.

Diane - Oooh, I used to LOVE figure skating shows. Lucky niece.

Ham - See above. I bet she'd be great. Tix are kind of pricey, though, unfortunately.

Mishy - Some of the shirtless crew was rather flamboyant. Fair warning. It was hard not to giggle when they're singing "Heave ho" and swinging from the ship's ropes and they're all sticking their chests out... hee hee!

Leah - Tell Jason he's missing out. It was fantastic.

Erin said...

I LOVE The Little Mermaid! Probably my favorite of the later Disney classics. Too bad I don't live in Colorado..

Mama P said...

I didn't know they did an Under the Sea musical? Or Little Mermaid, should I say? That's so cool! It's funny, because the kids and I just started listening to it in the car and I just read the book today - not an hour ago - to Sophia. What fun! Glad you could go!

Ryan said...

I know some people who are pretty jazzed to see this when it opens up in New York. They will be very pleased when I pass along your review.

Pauline said...

I still liked the book better (I have my father's copy of Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales translated from the Danish and published in 1900...but I'm from a different generation so what do I know. The original version was too sad to set to the music of a hot crustacean band!

Marcia said...

I remember driving the four hours from GJ back in teh day and heading directly to the Buell for some fabulous play. I'm so jealous!

(Ok, I've just gotten over my jealousy as I remembered I'm moving to NYC in 3 weeks.)

Christie said...

I have a surprise for you! You need to see what I left for you over at my blog.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Erin- TLM is one of my favorites, too! You should try and go see this show in New York. It is SO worth it.

Mama P- It's a brand new musical- it opened in Denver because it's the lead's hometown. They open in New York later in the fall.

Ryan- Your friends will not be disappointed.

Pauline- I totally agree! I always thought there was something tradgically beautiful about turning into sea foam for the sake of your one true love.

Marcia- I am so jealous you are going to NYC I can't even handle it.

Christie- Hmmm. You've piqued my curiosity! I'm on my way.