Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Damn Outdoors Is Full of Bugs

Wherein I make one Harry Potter reference, but seeing as how I haven't read the book, yet, you're probably safe.

On Sunday I drove back up to my mountains (I feel as though I practically own them; they're part of the kingdom-to-be) just outside of Breckenridge, and I went on a gorgeous hike. The wildflowers were in full bloom, and they were everywhere. I inhaled the fresh thin mountain air, thinking gleefully of everyone back down in Denver suffering through 97 degrees, applied some delicious smelling sunscreen, and trekked my way up to a pristine mountain lake surrounded by columbines... which also happened to be the breeding ground for Voldemort's army of mosquitoes, who agreed with me that my sunscreen smelled fabulous, dah-ling.

So now I am back home, covered in the most enormous bug bites I have ever seen, and investing all my stock in the Cortizone company, hoping to get some of my money back. But at least I got some pictures.

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Note my friend's beautiful child in a little yellow sundress 'midst the wildflowers. I took the picture quickly, before a Julie Andrews dressed as a rebellious nun came yodelling through to swoop the child up.

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Up at the lake where we finally shared our peanut butter lunch with swarms of bloodthirsty flies. It only looks innocent and picturesque from a photograph.


M-M-M-Mishy said...

Gorgeous photos! You've had quite a few adventures lately, Princess. Lots of travel.

meno said...

I remember those nasty buggers. I think i lost half my blood on a hike once.

Diane said...

Great photos! Those flies are the worst part of hiking . . . I'm always breathing through my mouth b/c I am hopelessly out of shape and inhaling a gazillion with every breath

Lilycurly said...

Beautiful!!Wish I was there!

Oh, did you know that those damn mosquitoes can apparently bite through clothes too??

They are mutating into blood monsters theses things, I got bit everywhere on my legs and butt, and I was wearing *Jeans*!

Angela said...

That does look gorgeous! Shame about all those bugs though--someone should really do something about that.

Christie said...

I hate the great outdoors because of the wildlife and bugs. That sounds harsh, doesn't it. Every I see a lovely meadow, I remember that bears like meadows, and then I start to worry about bears. But the pictures sure are pretty.

Kanigget said...

*Sigh* I miss nature. Thanks for sharing! It's really the next best thing...isn't it?

Pauline said...

I was in Colorado in the winter - I don't remember the mosquitoes! I saw my very first wolf in Estes Park...

Ryan said...

Wow that's amazing looking. I thought places like that only existed in old episodes of Wild America.

v said...


But I understand what Ryan was getting at ... those photographs are absolutely stunning.

And don't act like you didn't run down a grassy hill or through a meadow doing your Julie Andrews impersonation. ;)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Mishy- Hi! Thanks. I'd be o.k. with a little less travel, actually. 15 days and counting?

Meno- No kidding. It's disgusting.

Diane- I do the same thing! Extra protein, right?

Lilycurly- WHAT? Are you sure one didn't get into your pants?

Angela- Hear hear.

Christie- I am terrified of bears, too! That's why I always hike in groups, even though I the idea of hiking alone sounds so peaceful.

Kanigget- You must get into the mountains. The pictures don't do it justice.

Pauline- A wolf? I didn't know there were wolves in Estes. Super. Because worrying about bears wasn't enough....

Ryan- Wild America. Breckenridge Colorado. It's pretty much all the same thing.

V- I SO ran down the grassy knoll, singing. (Badly.) But I don't know the words to The Hills Are Alive so I sang These Are a Few of My Favorite Things instead. True story.