Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dreaming of Sleeping In

So last night I had a dream (Hey, get back here! I promise this isn’t going to be one of those blogs) that I was sitting in the yard in the house where I grew up, and I came across this animal that was kind of a humanoid cat with occasional llama tendencies, depending on the moment in my dream, and it turned out to be this cuddly little harmless creature, but the FBI (or some big hateful government agency with agents who looked oddly like the guys from the Matrix) wanted it exterminated for some reason, so I was trying to protect it… and I had the presence of mind, amidst hiding potentially dangerous exotic species in my childhood home from scary men with unnecessarily dark sunglasses to think, “This’ll be a great blog entry!”

Sadly, it’s less good material when it was all a convoluted mess in my subconscious. But I really thought, for a brief moment this morning, that I’d really have a hum-dinger for y’all, today.

Instead you get: spaghetti. Made by: me. … And also: The Funasaurus, who took over when I got sick of stirring and wandered off to play on the computer, instead, and it almost bubbled over except for The Funasaurus’ mighty quick reaction time, thus saving the starchy mess before it became a disaster that I would avoid cleaning for another week or two.

Then we watched a ridiculous amount of The Office reruns, and went to bed. Whee whoo.

However, I was woken up at about 4:13 AM this morning, to the most violent wind storm I’ve hear in a long time. Of course, I was too busy dreaming of clandestine operations involving unknown species to really pay much attention to the weather in the real world, but the wind was so loud it kept me semi-conscious until about 6:30 this morning, when our alarm went off. … At which point we bypassed the snooze button and pushed the “shut the fuck up forever” button, because we were both exhausted from all my tossing and turning due to the wind.

Plus, it was very dark for 6:30 AM in July.

So we slept until 8:00, which was kind of bad, since we were thinking of getting to work around that time. But again, it was very dark, so it felt very early, and we got extra sleep which was much-needed and neither of us seem to have gotten in trouble for arriving, oh, at least an hour late to work, so we’ll take it.

Now that I’ve been here for a good three hours, I think it is time for a lunch break.


Lilycurly said...

I don`t know exactly why...but I find the word (and the actual animal) "Llama" extremely funny.

So you can imagine how I laughed and it made my day to read that simple phrase:

"humanoid cat with occasional llama tendencies"

Thank you!

Yes, now I remember why I find llamas so amusing, here:


If you want hours of laughs at the expense of random celebrities... Someone described that Britney caricature as being llama like, and it just stuck in my head.lol

Pauline said...

it was all that starch before you went to bed...

Pauline said...

it was all that starch before you went to bed...

Lindystar said...

My first time here so it took me a couple of posts to figure out that funosaurus is a person. I was SOO lost when you said he saved the spagetti. All I was thinking was "her DOG saved it??" Imaginary friend? What in the hell?? But I read your last post and went "OOohhhhhhhh." :) What a funny pet name! I wonder how in the world you came up with that.

Anyways besides my confusion, funny post!! I find myself scrounging for stuff to post kind of in the back of my mind all day so I can totally see why you would think of it in a dream.

How addicted must we be??

hamiam said...

Princess, you have the royal gift of eloquent yakking, err, writing, as it were... but seriously, I read you and it feels like I have a girlfriend sitting across the table from me, sharing her life.

I love your dream animal's description - you should take the notes for police sketch artists!

And "Shut-the-fuck-up-forever button," this is why I (heart) your blog :)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Lilycurly- I love the word "llama," too! In fact, I used to have an imaginary pet llama named Phil. I kid you not.

Thanks for the link!

Pauline- Mmm, you're probably right, actually.

Lindystar- sorry for the confusion. The Funasaurus is indeed my fiance, and not my dog. But he makes for some great posts, all the same. (I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell where the name came from... But let's just say it "suits" him.)

Ham- This blogging thing is GREAT for meeting new friends! I feel the same way about your blog. Although I am constantly mind-boggled by how much you are able to juggle on a daily basis.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I'm glad the Funasaurus was able to rescue your dinner. Although, if the Funasaurus was actually your dog and he managed to rescue the dinner, I'd be very impressed. And jealous that you had a super smart dog.

Dreams are weird. I'd write a blog post on my dreams, but I'd be worried mental health professionals would contact me, wanting to study my brain...

Llamas are awesome.

Lindystar said...

OH my god you're marrying BARNEY???!!!!!?!?!?

That's cool, does he sing to you?

audrey said...

OMG that WIND! We had it down here, too, and it kept me up all freaking night. So much hate.

I used to have a bunch of dreams that at the time seemed like genius movie ideas. I'd make a mental note in my dream to tell hollywood about it ASAP when I woke up, because this was going to be the next big blockbuster. But then I'd wake up and remember the dream and realize how completely lame it really was. What a dissapointing realization to wake up to!