Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pity Party Princess

Yesterday I worked from home, which was lovely and indulgent... and also not as efficient as I remember it being. Yes, I got some work done. But I also took a nap, surfed on the Internet, and caught up on some phone calls. I figured it wasn't a big deal, as long as I was monitoring my e-mail, I could easily just keep working into the evening, and get a full day's work in, just spread out a little.

But then at 4:30PM The Funasaurus called me. His firm was taking their summer associates to a night at the local amusement park, and someone had to back out, so he scored a free ticket and wanted me to join them. Warm summer nights, thrilling rides, fried food topped off with ice cream? How could I say no? So I dropped everything, changed my pants (pajama pants don't fly, even at the amusement park) threw on some make-up, grabbed a small purse to transfer the contents of my normal purse/duffle bag into, and headed out the door. Where I paused.

And pausing, children, is a dangerous thing.

Pausing allows GUILT to creep in. My work was not done, upstairs. There were thank-you notes to be written, dishes to be washed, and suitcases still to be unpacked. There were needy cats weaving figure eights around my ankles as I pondered all this, and then I realized I had to go through all the mail, too.

FUNNEL CAKES! screamed a little voice inside of me.

UNEMPLOYMENT! screamed another little voice.

Ignoring my newfound schizophrenia, I began to panic. And panic is not really fun-inducing. So I called The Funsaurus from the doorstep, looking fondly at my little car who thought it would get to watch the roller coasters, and told him I couldn't make it.

Then I trudged back upstairs, and did a little work, updated my MySpace page, and sadly went to bed.

Just call me Eeyore. I believe I have lost my ability to have fun.

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audrey said...

Oh, no! I'm so sad for you that you couldn't go. But I understand, too. I probably would have gone through the same guilt-filled thought process. And even if I had decided to go, i would have spent the whole night stressing about all the stuff i still had to do. I feel your pain.

His Sinfulness said...

Thanks for stopping by our little cybercult - you are welcome anytime.

As for your ability to have fun, it has been replaced by a horrible malady known as "adulthood." Happened to me once. I was cured by daily pillow fights and a handful of M&Ms each morning, washed down with a white russian...

(I'm sort of jealous that my friends don't call me "the Funasaurus.")

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Oh, boo! But understandable. Its scary how fast "responsibility" creeps up on a person. Wasn't it much more fun being a teenager with no cares in the world?

Did the Funasaurus bring you home a funnel cake?

Diane said...

Working from home can be a challenge - I figure I've saved the dressing and commute time, so I can screw around a bit, but some times I wish I was more organized about it . . .

Don't get too responsible, the benefits won't outweigh the costs

meno said...

Wow, that was really responsible of you. Have the aliens stolen the real princess?

Mama P said...

I think you're actually a very responsible real person. It's your writer persona - your inside soul - that's the princess. Am I right? Because no one who is going to be a LIBRARIAN is all carefree all the time. I'm onto you.

hamiam said...

Oh, Mama P is soooooo good - she is right you know?

I used to work from home with Punkinhead was a babe. It's not the best fit for my structure loving I totally get what you're saying!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Audrey- Thanks. Although when did we become so responsible? Bah!

His Sinfulness- Am still infatuated with the Black Vatican. Brilliant! And this whole "adulthood" thing? Blows.

Mishy- No! No funnel cake! Jerk.

Diane- I struggle with the organization, too. But I love that I can take a break and get a load of laundry done in the process.

Meno- I think you might be on to something.

MamaP- I don't know what you're talking about.

Ham- It's not my natural structure, either, but I love being at home so much I try to make it work.

Angela said...

Haha!! I love that updating the MySpace page was part of the schedule for the evening--it's really very important!

His Sinfulness said...

I see you found the site of the papal apartments also - well done, blog pilgrim. Welcome to the Flock...