Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Ditty

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Funasaurus, promptly after Tatum (who goes by the nickname Monkey) bit him, and then proceeded to trip over a shoe box which was twice as big as he was.

(Sung to the tune of Spiderman)

Monkey Bean,
Monkey Bean
Tatum ate one,
Now he's mean.

He has started
To grow thumbs
But he is still
So ver-y dumb.


Ryan said...

Weird. I just read in the paper today that Barry Bonds tested positive for Monkey beans.

Lilycurly said...

Nice one!
Does he really have thumbs? That is the cutest cat-related diformity. I wish I could find a cat that has them.

Diane said...

I'm going to toss the recipe for Monkey Bean stew I downloaded from the 'net last week

kate said...

Ha! I call my cats "monkey" too. They both have a variety of nicknames but monkey seems to come up the most often. Not sure why but it totally fits.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Ryan- Are you serious? Because that would explain a lot.

Lilycurly- Not really on the thumbs, bit. But he would like some thumbs. It would aid in the mouse retreival from under the couch/fridge/stove/hamper.

Diane- I would toss it, too. It does bad things to you.

Kate- Hi! Thanks for stopping by. And yes, Monkey is a wonderful name. It covers so many things.

v said...


Great little ditty.

And, um, I know I sound biased, but, why cats again?