Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Would be a Good Afternoon for Tea

I am pleased to announce that not only did I NOT kill the rose bush, but it seems to be happy. (Either that, or it’s putting on quite the dramatic death, but I am pretty sure it’s happy.)



Nine! Nine roses! When I planted it on Friday, there were two! Oh hooray for undead flowers! … Do you like it how I’ve turned them into vampire flora?

So anyway. That’s about the highlight of my weekend. I continued to discover I am so not meant for a) heavy lifting b) wielding power tools, at a construction site on Saturday. Don’t ask. I was trying to do a good thing, although I think my biggest contribution to the day was the sharing of my Combos with the other workers at lunchtime.

I am involved in a vague-ish deception, which I’m not really happy about, because I’m not good at lying. Or avoiding the truth when the truth involves marriage and pretty flowers and rings and formalwear. I love talking about marriage and pretty flowers and rings and formalwear.

Have I said too much?

So there’s going to be an elopement, but at least I am invited to the elopement and get to wear a fabulous dress (provided I do crunches every day from now until the elopement) so it’s not all bad. I am just trying to figure out how not to talk about it. Maybe I will post some pictures of my dress at the Not-A-Wedding. We’ll call it the NAW. Remind me.

And there are a lot of birthdays this month. Happy birthday to you, if yours is/was this month, I am worried I forgot someone. Certainly a non-personalized generic shout-out on my regularly updated blog will suffice?


meno said...

An elopement with invitations! That's unusual. Is the purpose of the elopement to avoid having certain people there? I could totally understand that.

Pretty roses.

Yoga Gal said...

Elopement with invitations does so so strange! Guess they want the wedding gifts with feeding the guests. But weddings are far too much of a production these days.

Pauline said...

Save your tea leaves for the roses - mine love them.

And does this mean a wedding without the bride and groom present? Or perhaps all the guests climb a ladder to get to the reception? It sounds like a puzzlement to me...

Wickedly Scarlett said...

I'm so proud of your apparently innate gardening prowess! Who knew you had it in you! Beautiful roses :)

Also, I'm with everyone else, is it really an elopement if you invite people??