Thursday, June 26, 2008

Royal Validation

It’s Dress Thursday! I wore a dress. A new one. I got it at Rue 21. You know, the store for skanky 15-year-olds? But it was only $19 and perfect for summertime! I recently made a resolve that I would only buy fair-trade, organically-made clothing. Apparently my resolves go out the window for $19 worth of red cotton/polyester blends on a hot day.

I’m thinking The Funasaurus did not marry me for my convictions so much as for my awesome CD collection.

In other news, I am still actively seeking friends on Flickr. Or at least someone who’s willing to explain to me how to navigate the site. What is the goal? How do you find the cool pictures without going back to 2006? Do you also stress about the fact that the “Cats R Cool” group will not accept you into being one of their 3,496 members when you don’t hear from them right away?

I’m off to humiliate myself at my first yoga class in months. Wish me luck. I plan on drinking wine, afterwards.


D'Rae said...

whatever happend to the photos of your dress on dress thursdays?

I am on Flickr! here is my id DsSliceofLife

Ramblin' Red said...

OMG, lol...Rue 21.

I had to laugh at your description of that place, because about 5 yrs ago, my mom bought all of our Christmas presents there....what's that say about her tastes in clothing, and/or her emotional age?

Bingo - the Princess is spot-freaking-on.....

Snark Scribe said...

Ah, yes, the store for skanky 15-year olds. There's a Rue 21 outlet I go to because they have cheap underwear, but you have to sort through lots of leopard thongs and panties that say "Dressed to kill."

Ok, I admit it. I bought the last pair. It has pistols on it.

CrazyBag said...

I wanna drink wine! But I want to do it then go to yoga.
Your CD collection also wooed me as your friend. ;)

Guilty Secret said...

I am also new to Flickr and have no friends. None of my friends are on there. It's rubbish.

I would be your friend but I'm super careful about remaining anon... that's not an excuse... honestly ;-p

But I will have Flickr friends one day... I'm making everyone join to share photos from our wedding :)

Yoga Gal said...

How did the yoga class go?

Love to see a photo of your dress.