Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Blame It on the Lack of Wine

Blegh, I know I checked out there. But the universe is back to hatin’.

This week I have a) lost my internet connection b) sworn Comcast as my mortal enemy (side note: If you are a COMPETITOR OF COMCAST, please bring your business here to my neighborhood, I will give you all my money, immediately. I do not think I am alone.) c) had my brand new, shiny, wide-screen monitor decide it didn’t want to display pictures anymore. Kaput. Finis. Back to balancing my laptop on, well, my lap. d) had a dead excel spreadsheet come back to life and attack me like a fucking starving werewolf.

Despite the antibiotics, I am opening up the alcohol tonight.

Diane said it’s o.k., I blame her.

In less cranky news, I got a Beanie Baby from Vagabond Beanies, and while, yes, I get that Beanie Babies were sooooo 1999, I actually think the project is very cute, and am taking my photography powers veeeery seriously. Stay tuned.


Diane said...

I originally had Comcast, which was eaten by Adelphia, which was eaten by Time Warner

They all suck

p.s. enjoy the wine!

Lily said...

Beanie Babies...I love them, I'd buy a ton of then, but I just wouldn't know where to put's like those huge stuffed things you win at attraction parcs...WHERE the hell do people store them?
They only turn up in garage sales a year later and covered in dust...

I'll drink to ya tonight! Enjoy the vino princess!

Nick, Holly & Maren said...

So which beanie did you get? Where are you going to photog. him/her? Maren has a slew, if he needs to have a posse. My favorite right now is the snake one of her socks. It just makes me laugh every time I think about how dirty it is and she doens't know it!!!!