Monday, June 30, 2008

Mid-Atlantic Homecoming

I got off the plan around 1:30 AM last night in Baltimore, and the humidity embraced me like an old friend. A moist, suffocating old friend. I peeled my thighs off the car seat around 3:00 AM, took down what was left of my ponytail from the mass of frizz, and climbed in to bed, feeling like I had just taken a dirty shower.

Oh, how I miss the east coast!

There was strawberry pie waiting for me for breakfast, and oodles of fresh cherries. Corn is already in season, and the fireflies are swarming. Well, swarming amongst the Japanese beetles that are currently devouring my Grandmother’s rose bush. Ah, nature. It’s so satisfying to squish some of it.

I’m supposed to be working, but who can work when there is cold wine to be drunk, and sun rooms to sit in? Not I, that is for sure. Although my boss doesn’t seem to get it, and keeps sending me pesky tasks. Like forecasting for the entire sales team for next year. Apparently “Er, let’s try to break a million, eh folks?” was not precise enough for him.

So demanding.

The grown-ups (see how I revert to my seven-year-old self when I come back? The grown-ups!) are playing bridge, and I am fantasizing about Jane Eyre in between pie and sweet tea breaks, having re-started the novel on the flight out. I forgot how much I desperately want to adopt her. Poor little 19th-century orphaned English girl! She’s so heartbreaking, in a delicious kind of way.

It’s good to be home. I just need a Funasaurus. Although spooning in one of the creaky old twin beds at my grandmother’s house isn’t exactly the romantic ideal. But if you drink enough brandy, you don’t really notice.


Nick, Holly & Maren said...

Sooooo not missing the East Coast now that you describe it in such rich detail. But I do miss the lightening bugs. A little. Nick and I used to have a competition where we'd guess the earliest date we'd see one and who ever came closest won.
So Fun isn't with you? Is he coming out for the wknd or is he stuck here in beautiful, dry, CO the whole time?

meno said...

If i had fireflies to look at and cold wine to drink, i wouldn't be doing any work either.

I used to liken getting ff a plane in Florida to stepping into a hot, wet, dirty sponge. Nice.

Linds said...

Aw, isn't Jane Eyre just so good!!! Glad you are enjoying your trip so far. And strawberry pie for breakfast? Yum.

BTW, I am gonna start blogging here again soon :) I will let you know he details!!

Pauline said...

Why, you're just down the road (in a country manner of speaking). It's been warm and muggy here too but there are delightful little cool evenings that remind one that summer is all too fleeting. Come on a bit north and visit!

Meanwhile, couldn't you accidently spill a little wine on a printout of the boss' pesky tasks? (A sort of "ooopsie - can't read what you wrote and email is down. See you in two weeks" sort of thing?)

Guilty Secret said...

Aw... you make me want to go somewhere... just so I can come home :)

Diane said...

Oh man, I spent 5 days in NYC with sweat rolling down my back!

The thunder showers were kind of cool!

Christie said...

You know, nothing beats heading over to my Nanna's house and just letting her take care of me. Even at 31, I love being treated like a kid at her house. Mmmm, brownies and toffee bars, what more could I ask for?