Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Caught Up in My World

I started Travels with Charley last night. (Book group’s less than a week away… can’t rush in to these things.) I’m pretty sure I was the one who originally suggested this book, because I had already read it and it fit perfectly, in a lot of ways. Our book group decided to do classics for the first year, so Steinbeck was an easy choice, except for the fact that I hate everything Steinbeck wrote except for Travels with Charley. Which totally makes up for the other stuff he wrote. It’s not long, but extremely well-written, and it is BRIMMING with discussion topics. The man lived at an interesting time. If you haven’t read this book, put it on your list.

But of course, now I am once again fantasizing about taking off for a road trip with Sugar. I’m hoping she’ll understand it’s for fun, and not a trip to the vet, because she’s never really excited about going to the vet. Mostly it involves a lot of claws and otherworldly groaning and hissing. And fur shedding. It’s messy.


Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe she should just stay home and continue to supervise Tatum’s antics with a disdainful eye. It’s what she’s best at.

While I’m happy summer’s finally here, after last night I’ve also become homesick for the New England falls, the colors, the smells, the apple cider. Fuck, I’m never satisfied. I wonder if book group would consider Christine Heather a classic? It’s got more of a summery, beach-y feel, no?

I think it helps to stay season appropriate. Any other suggestions for next summer?


meno said...

On The Road?

That might be a fun summer read.

Wickedly Scarlett said...

I would just love it if summer would mosey on up my way. I'm getting pretty sick of rainy days in the low 60s!

How about The Great Gatsby for summer? It's not overtly summery, but pools factor pretty heavily into the plot ;)

Diane said...

If you'd like to swing by so cal, Nanners is ALWAYS up for a road trip . . . .

Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver - a modern classic?

Summer of '42?

Pauline said...

If you want to try something else brimming with discussion points, read Stephanie Kallos' Broken For You. Sisters by Judy Blume is a good light read.

Offering an open invitation to visit New England in the fall - in fact, it's 56 and raining here now - com'on over ;)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Meno- Kerouac's a good writer, but a pervy misogynist, so I can't bring myself to like him. I liked Caroline Kerouac's Off the Road, though.

Scarlett- Brilliant idea! Except we read Gatsby in January, I think. But it was perfect for the feel!

Diane- I've read Prodigal Summer I liked it, although I thought it was a little too RA RA open-minded, vegetarian, nature-conserving women, BOO hunter, pesticide-using men. What was Summer of '42 about?

Pauline- I will put those on my list, and OH CAREFUL what you offer. I really am looking for an excuse to get to New England in the fall....

Diane said...

Summer of ‘42

Both the book and the movie are good.