Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Eight Random Things About Me

I got tagged for this meme by PasstheZoloft. I am supposed to write eight random facts/habits about myself, but I am super intimidated. What have I not told you, already, in previous posts? I used up all my good stuff HERE.

I am going to attempt to dig a little deeper. Hello, subconscious! I need to make a withdrawal. … It’s quite the clusterfuck, in here, isn’t it? I apologize for the ensuing lack of any sort of theme.

1. I still fantasize about being a princess. I somehow missed the social cue to give up on the glittering tiaras at age eight, and stubbornly forged ahead with a passion for froofy ball gowns and state dinners and Nobel Prize award ceremonies. I fantasize about this all. the. time. Hence, my justification for spending a ridiculous percentage of our wedding budget on a dress I will wear once in my life for six hours.

But they will be six glorious, princess-like hours.

2. I used to live in a log cabin on a mountain on National Park land. When the wind blew just right in a snowstorm, a little *poof* of snow would come through the window seam and land in your lap. Insulation was not the architect of that house’s priority.

3. In said cabin, I used to also have an amazing dog. She was part lab, and part malamute. She liked to fetch, and if you threw a stick, she would retrieve an entire tree. She was… burly. And I miss her desperately, sometimes, even though I wouldn’t trade Sugar in for the world. (Tatum, on the other hand….)

4. I have reoccurring dreams about tsunamis and tidal waves.

5. I had a crush on The Funasaurus when we first met. It took me seven years to convince him to take our friendship to the next level. (Mostly it involved cheap beer, and the option to either sleep on the dirty floor of a cobwebby attic, or next to me in my nice, soft bed. I was subtle.)

6. Despite recycling, buying Earth-friendly laundry detergent and organic produce, and using the revolving door, I don’t feel like I’m as environmentally conscious as I’d like to be.

7. One of my biggest pet peeves is driving past a car that’s driving really badly and seeing that the driver is a woman. Stop perpetuating the stereotype, jerkfaces!

8. Despite my uppity tastes for things like sushi and fois gras, I love McDonalds french fries. So very much.

Now I am supposed to tag eight people with this same meme, but I am not sure I know that many!

Murphy? Chico? Diana? V? Marcia? Angela? Diane? Anyone else want to play? Consider yourself tagged!


David said...

Three reasons why we should be best friends: you still want to be a princess, you likewise have a dog named Sugar, and you appropriately use "clusterfuck." 50 points for you. :)

And yeah, a workshop for your fiance could be arranged. :-p Otherwise, just point him to my site and see what happens.

Princess in Galoshes said...

David, sorry for any confusion, Sugar is a cat.

And I will point The Funasaurus in your immediate direction!!!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Your old dog sounds gorgeous! What was her name?

I'm going out for sushi tonight but also crave cheap bad food like no tomorrow.

David said...

Okay, so maybe only 49 points. :-\

meno said...

I pretty much hate it when almost any stereotype is reinforced.

Diane said...

Great facts!!!! And who doesn't love McDonald's fries?

Angela said...

Aye Aye, I'm on it!

hamiam said...

I'm with you and Meno re: stereotypes. Sisters, PLEASE drive like you are in fact superior to the male race (read: safely and competently!)

And, love the subtle persuasive tactics you used to enrapture the funasaurus.